Religious Tolerance and World Peace

Religious tolerance means accepting others religions in their own way. You have to accept religious beliefs of others and practices, even though you cannot agree with their practices or beliefs. Religious tolerance is important because it helps us to honor and appreciate the differences between our religious practices. Religions sometimes separate us in terms of practices, but at the same time it keeps us together. Religious tolerance is the road to world peace. In order to build global peace we have to avoid violence and follow morals that are preached by the religions.

Both believers and non-believers are living in the same society. So, it is important to have religious tolerance to maintain peace among people all around the world. By knowing the essence of other religions, you will come to know almost all the religions are preaching the same morale. Human rights violations are due to religious intolerance and such violations aggravate misunderstanding between people. This will arise several threats to the security globally and regionally. Solutions for religious intolerance can be found in the teachings of any religion and in all spiritual teachings all around the world.

Each religious community has a responsibility of their own so that their preaching should help in ending conflicts and strengthen the security so that fear is replaced by trust. Responsibility of each individual is important in each religion. If you have to feel oneness and find humanity in the mind of each individual, there should be a universality of religious expressions. Hence, unity in diversity is important in religious tolerance. It is important to have the feeling of oneness and humanity to maintain cooperation and peace within our globe.

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Religious intolerance always hinders love and peace. Religious intolerance is mostly because of ignorance and limited knowledge. Education can help you to enhance the spiritual values inside the human beings. Through education also you can develop religious tolerance because only government laws cannot help to stop the religious intolerance.

Religious intolerance is due to the differences in opinions of people of different religions. If you want to inculcate principles and values to mind and hearts of people, then only education can provide enough information that are accurate. Education will also correct the misconceptions in the mind of people. Education enables us to show not only tolerance towards different religions, but also to appreciate different beliefs genuinely from our heart. Education teaches us not to think emotionally, but intellectually. The curriculum of education should consist of the comparative study of various spiritual traditions and scriptures in order to know the essence of each religion. Through proper understanding of each religion, you will know the similarities on ethical matters.

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Most of the ancient wars are fought between people and countries because of the religious intolerance. People usually did not believe in other religious groups. But in this modern world, you have to be logical and realize that those old beliefs were wrong. There are many definitions on God in different scriptures, but all of them say about a single entity which is God. Each country has its own responsibility for maintaining world peace. We should not allow the people to destroy themselves and torture others physically and mentally in the name of God.

You should eliminate disparity, prejudice and hostility towards other religions even if you don’t have any belief in those. You should understand other scriptures, their ideas and essence so that you will know that all religious scriptures are preaching the same thing. Religious intolerance never helps you to reach anywhere. Hence, it is important to have religious tolerance to maintain world peace and security.


Source by Deepa K