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Balder and Rejuvenation

As a Runic Shaman, you are now building your mental powers to include all the tools you will need within your own mind.

All the work you do will be on the mental plane. If you want to create Health, Wealth, or Happiness for yourself or friends, kin or loved ones, you must first do it on the mental plane. If you want to strengthen the presence of the Runes and Norse / Germanic Gods / Goddesses on the Planet now, you must first do it on the mental plane.

The 21st century has brought us the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists and infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. We can also call it the Mind of God. Not small, personal, "anthropomorphic" Gods like Odin, Zeus, Jesus, Buddha etc. But the Big "G." The Grand Architect of the Universe. The Creator God who, with his / her mind created all that ever was, is or will be and put it into the Quantum Ocean for us to use.

The Runes, the Norse / Germanic Gods / Goddesses exist in the Quantum Ocean. It is only up to us to attract them out and into our minds, our reality. The Runes are keys to Universal Creative Energies. We can attract them out of the quantum ocean and into our minds.

Mental Radionics, another gift of the Laws of Quantum Physics, tell us that our minds are radionics devices. Whatever clear mental images we hold in our minds eye touches the energy field of the image in the Quantum Ocean. If you hold a clear cut image of a rune in your mind's eye, you touch the Runic energies in the Quantum Ocean. When you consciously breath it into your Aura, you will have that energy to use for yourself or to project elsewhere.

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The same is true for one of the Gods / Goddesses. Hold their mental image in your mind's eye and breath them into your Aura. They will then become part of your reality. You can then work with them to create what you want.

That is what a Runic Shaman does and how he / she does it. Continue to build clear cut images of the Runes and the Gods / Goddesses into your mind every day. At this point in your Rune Shamanism preparation, you have an image of Odin, Thor and Tyr. They represent Wisdom, Strength and Courage.

Now let us bring Balder into our life. Again go out on the net and read and study all you can about the Norse God Balder. Find the print you want to use and print it out.

Balder is the Norse / Germanic Sun God. He is the God of Light, Beauty and Rejuvenation. He was loved by all the Gods / Goddesses except Loki, who was jealous of his beauty.

When Balder had a dream that threatened his life, he told his mother, Frigga, the All-mother. Frigga extracted an oath from everyone and everything that they would not harm Balder. Balder and the Gods / Goddesses used to play a game where they would throw darts or stones at each other. No one was ever hurt.

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Loki found out that the bush called mistletoe did not give Frigga an oath not to hurt Balder. He took some mistletoe and urged the god Hod, who was blind, to throw it at Balder. The Dart with the mistletoe went through Balder, killing him. Hernod, son of Odin, then went to Hel to try to bring Balder back to Asgard. Once there he was told that if everything in the world, dead or alive, would weep for Balder, he would be released from Hel.

Everyone did but "Loki." As a result, Balder remained in Hel.

Balder was later rejuvenated and regenerated. He carries this power with him. Bring him into your life, we all could stand to be rejuvenated.

Balder's wife was Nana. Their son was Forseiti, the God of Justice. Balder's Hall was Breidablik (Broad splendor.)

Sowulo is Balder's rune. Air is his element and Gold is his color.

When I visualize Balder in my meditations, I see a tall well built God with flowing blond hair and blue eyes. He is dressed in a flowing red robe and holds a spear upside down with a sprig of mistletoe on top. His shield is designed like a blazing Sun and he is surrounded by a golden Aura.

Pick your Balder print and breathe him into your reality along with his rejuvenating energy.


by Ellis Peterson

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