Runtime Error 1004 Error Fix Tutorial – How To Repair The 1004 Error On Your Computer

Runtime Error 1004 may result in occasions where you attempt to copy and paste data in Microsoft Excel 2003. This error would normally be displayed in your screen in this format:

  • "Runtime error 1004: Paste method of worksheet class failed."

The error can also appear in your monitor in this way:

  • "Runtime error 1004: Copy method of Range Class Failed."

It should be noted that it is still possible for you to receive this error message even after you have successfully pasted filtered data in Microsoft Excel 2003.

The reasons as to why this error surfaces is varied but can be narrowed down to one of two major factors. One is if your system's Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications copies full rows of data to a workbook in Microsoft Excel 2003. The other is when Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications attempts to copy and paste cells made up of 2516 or more rows to a workbook in Microsoft Excel 2003.

How To Fix Runtime 1004 Errors On Your PC

To prevent this error from arising, you need to make sure that you use only row data from Microsoft Excel. This tutorial would teach you the steps on how to do accomplish this.

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Microsoft Excel runs into errors on occasions whenever it fails to provide mathematical solutions to data that you have provided it. To prevent this from happening, you have to make sure that all inputted data are correct and that you are using the right set of cells for a particular job. Whenever you see that Visual Basic Application copies and pastes a whole row of cells to an Excel worksheet, you need to reconfigure the Visual Basic Application to copy only those rows and cells that contain data. You can do this by writing the Visual Basic Application macro code shown here:

"Range (Range (" A "& ActiveCell.Row), Range (" IV "& ActiveCell.Row) .End (xlToLeft)). Select"

However, this will address just one major cause of Runtime Error 1004. If the fault is being caused due to the second reason, then a different approach is needed. For the other reason, which is when Visual Basic Application copies and pastes 2516 or more rows, you have to change the macro code that your Visual Basic Application uses to one that will loop to copy and paste a narrower set of data rows, until such time that the intended number of rows has been copied and pasted.

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The registry is also a known cause of certain errors like Runtime Error 1004 in your computer. The registry works like a data center, where Windows stores all settings and files that it uses for its operation. It is inarguably a highly valuable component of your PC and without it many computing processes would grind to a halt. The registry's files however, are vulnerable to being corrupted and damaged over time. When such things happen, your computer's processing speed will slow down significantly, resulting with irritating errors such Runtime Error 1004. If your computer's registry is suffering from registry related errors, you should use a registry cleaner, a tool that will fix problems in your registry quickly and efficiently.


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