Salsa Dancing Ethics And Personal Hygiene On The Dance Floor

For anyone looking to get into the exercise, the below information should be kept in mind.

1. Before getting out onto the dance floor, it is important to think about how one smells; this is something to think about because other people will be within close proximity. If somebody in the group smells like as if he or she had not taken a bath in a week, the mood could easily be spoiled. Therefore, taking a bath or shower is something that should be done. If a person suffers from a sweating problem, he or she should consider trying out a deodorant that will fix it. Seeing a reputable doctor is also a good way to seek help.

2. Part of being a good salsa dancer also means taking health into consideration. Deciding to have a smoke break in the middle of the dance floor is not only rude, but damaging to anybody who happens to be nearby. In addition, drinking alcoholic beverages during the course of a dance or lesson should also be avoided. A drunken dancer can only mess things up for others, causing tension, discomfort and even animosity. The person in question may even fall down and get injured.

3. Dancing is never easy when there is somebody else on the floor getting in the way. If the person is not dancing, he or she should not stand in the middle of the dance floor. No matter who he or she might be, this individual does not own that space, and thus it is not for him or her to take up the entire area. Staying off the floor when not salsa dancing will free up needed room, and nobody will bump into one another.

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4. When it comes to Salsa dancing ETHICS AND PERSONAL HYGIENE on the dance floor, it is important to get permission from a person before making him or her a dance partner. Nobody wants to be forced to do something he or she does not like or the person is not prepared for. To initiate, a dance without asking the other person first would show a great disrespect. Instead, if there is somebody, the person would like to dance with; one should approach the hopeful dance partner politely, asking nicely if the individual would like to go on the dance floor. It is believed the best way to go about it.

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5. If coming to a salsa dancing class, one should be on time. Some people may show up a few minutes after the lesson starts, others may come around an hour later. This can cause a disruption to the flow of learning, and the other students may resent the person who came late. The instructor will not appreciate the need to talk to the student about what she or he has missed. It may help to carry a watch at all times, and if the class is early in the morning, one can set an alarm clock.

Salsa dancing is something that those who enjoy trying new things should consider. It helps keep in shape; for obvious reasons – the human body will be moving a lot. Hence, calories burning will take place. Something brand new will be definitely learned. The benefits of salsa dancing also come, with practicing good hygiene and fine manners; not only does it benefit the specific person, but also those who are around, as a result. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement, especially when it comes to the body and the mind.


Source by Tony Rausseo