Science and Spirituality Emerge – The Attunement With All That Is

Attunement is a concept well known in Yoga philosophy. It was first introduced to the western world by Parmahansa Yogananda in the 1920’s.

Attunement simply means the ability of an original system to attune itself with, and have access to, a particular form of energy.

The better our attunement with Tachyon, and its inherent perfect potential, the more likely we are to evolve ourselves into higher levels of physical, mental, and emotional order and balance. Spiritual growth is the reason we are here, in this body.

Tachyon supplies our system with the pure potential which translates to our experience of attunement with All That Is.

This applies to the reorganization of just a cell, to DNA, to one particular molecule, hormone, gland, or organ in our body, and to our entire body-mind-spirit complex.

Tachyon is the key element that enables everyone, regardless of his or her level of spiritual awareness or background, to become more attuned to the universal Life Force and inherently perfect intelligence of the Zero-Point Energy Field.

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The biggest difference between Tachyon and subtle energy is that the effects of Tachyon are unlimited. Of course, the results produced by Tachyon are directly influenced by our own body-mind-spirit complex. How dramatic, transformative, and deep the effects go depends on both our willingness to change and our readiness to reach a higher level of order. We cannot forcefully accomplish anything through Tachyon. This is a big advantage because it reduces the possibility of unwanted side effects.

Therefore, Tachyon is something totally different and cannot be compared to any other form of energetic medicine or subtle energy amplifiers. Tachyon reorganizes the entire body-mind-spirit complex on higher levels of order and balance. It is the source energy that connects us all.

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In 1990 David Wagner invented the Tachyonization process. The patentable process restructures natural materials at the sub-molecular level creating permanent Tachyon antennas. With this breakthrough, the process of attunement has been catapulted to a new level. Everyone, regardless of background, now has the opportunity to balance almost any natural process.

We have utilized various energy modalities with great benefits. The addition of Tachyon has been a major advancement for us and our clientele. Used in conjunction with other energy modalities or as a stand alone therapy, the benefits are very rewarding.

Tachyon = A New Paradigm In Holistic Wellness – Are you ready to experience complete wellness in body – soul – spirit.


by Kyle L McCormick