Scientific Writing Basics: Free Springer Author Tutorials | Video

Start exploring these free tutorials before you write your next research paper:

Is English your second language? Still trying to wrap your head around the peer review process? Having difficulty structuring your manuscript? Find out why our Author and Reviewer Tutorials will set you up for publishing success.

Our Author and Reviewer tutorials are a series of free e-learning modules designed for anybody seeking an overview or a refresher on topics related to getting their work published. An interactive quiz at the end of the tutorials gives users a chance to test what they have learned as well. Topics include:

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• Writing a journal manuscript
• Submitting to a journal and peer review
• Writing in English
• How to peer review
• Open Access

At the end of the course you can download a helpful free PDF summary of important content which can easily be printed. These tutorials are also available in Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.
Check out the tutorials here:

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