Scotty Cameron California Hollywood Putter Review

The Scotty Cameron California Hollywood Putter is the very latest addition to Scotty’s California Putter Series and could very well be the star of the show with its confidence instilling refined lines, smooth angles and clean flowing appearance.

Although it has a very similar profile to the heel-toe weighted Monterey blade design, it has a back flange that flows smoothly down and away from the topline instead of going back in steps, and also has a rounded sweeping neck that effortlessly flows directly into the shaft similar to that of the Coronado blade.

The Scotty Cameron California Hollywood Putter features the same 303 stainless steel head for that soft sound and feel, that highly skilled golfer demand and the honey dipped golden misted finish that not only looks spectacular but helps to reduce the glare from the topline.

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One of the most notable technological enhancements introduced to the Scotty Cameron California Putter Series is the interchangeable weighting system that is also used in Scotty’s Studio Select Series. This system uses circular weights that are screwed into the heel and toe ends of the sole of the putter.

These weights are adjusted so that they perfectly match the 3 different shaft length options (33″, 34″ and 35″) that Scotty has to offer. He also offers a heavier weighted version in the 34″ and 35″ shafts, for those golfers that prefer a slightly more solid feel during their putting stroke.

This weighting system not only offers you a choice of putter to match your physical shape and putting style but also carries the additional benefits of increasing the moment of inertia and sweet spot, for a more stable and forgiving putter.

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The Scotty Cameron California Hollywood Putter also benefits from a raised toe profile, which helps to eliminate the tendency that many golfers suffer from, which is to raise the toe end of the putter up at address and consequently aim left of their intended target line.

Every little detail in the Scotty Cameron California Series has been thought of and although you may need to spend a little more than some other brands out there, you will not be disappointed.

The Scotty Cameron California Hollywood Putter offers you the very best of classic and contemporary design and performance based technology that will provide you with a spectacular looking putter that has exceptional feel and will increase your putting performance and confidence on the greens.


by Jack D A Brown