Sex and Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens and Sex

Yes, Sex! There is no rule written anywhere that after 65 years of age we shouldn’t have sex. We just probably shouldn’t talk about it too much. We don’t walk to shock the “young-uns.” If you are healthy and continue to take care of your body, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a healthy sex life. Of course, it’s always nice to have a good partner, spouse, mate, friend to have sex with (but not always necessary.)

HINT: Don’t Give up having Sex:

Many years ago, I met a wonderful, wise woman in her early 90’s who had read an article about me in the local newspaper doing hypnosis. She wanted to learn self-hypnosis to use at the dentist’s office. She was an excellent student and ended up teaching many others to do self-hypnosis. During our sessions I learned a great deal about her life and about her life with her now deceased husband. One day she leaned over to me quite intimately and said, “Dr. Travis, is it okay if I have sex?” She was very, very religious and I asked her if she had asked her priest. She said, “what would he know?” I laughed and told her that it was my belief that if you are not hurting anyone, God gave us that body to use and enjoy. She sighed and smiled, and said, “I am so relieved you didn’t judge me.” Judge her? I thought it was incredible that she was still having orgasms at 93 years old. She leaned in again to admit she had no partner, and did I still think that was okay? I smiled and said, “You would make a lot of women over 65 years old jealous, if they knew one of the reasons why you are so constantly satisfied with life.”

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Men tend to have erection problems as they age, due to medications, or health issues or weight, or alcohol issues. There is a great deal of help with that problem today. Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Spedra, and Staxyn are medications that could all be a help. Just please go to a Urologist if your erections disappear. You should be capable of having a healthy sex life years and years into your retirement.

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HINT: If you are single and having sex with others, be Safe:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and HIV are not exclusively for younger folks. In fact, there is a large increase in STDs and HIV transmission among the population over 65. So, protect yourself, and be safe. If you are sexually active and single, make sure your Primary Care Physician is aware, so that you can get the appropriate blood work done with your regular blood work.


by Dr Richard L Travis