Side Effects of Computer Glasses For Users Over 60

The first thing that many of us would say when we hear the words side effects are, how bad is it. How would you feel if when I mention side effects in this case they are actually the positives that occur with the use of computer glasses or a computer lens aid. Those of us who lived through the 60’s, and now are in our 60’s, are buying the majority of computer laptops today and experiencing the side effects of using computers.

Many of us consider the use of glasses as simply a way to correct ones vision and to improve eyesight. However, by using computer glasses, you will be able to do so much more than simply correct your vision. Here, you will also be able to alleviate a good amount of the neck pain that you may have been feeling as well.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can come in many forms and can be very debilitating. Depending on the source as well as the level of pain that one is experiencing will result in the treatment method that one will have to take in order to get rid of the neck pain. One of the main causes of neck pain in middle-aged people today is from straining their neck to see and work on a computer screen. There are different ways that people can minimize the need to strain when they are using the computer screen.

Some of the different ways that the pain and problems can be eliminated are through reorganizing the office, and through the use of specially designed computer glasses.

Other Problems from Computer Work

Other problems associated with working at a computer monitor are eyestrain, headaches and red eyes. There are many other problems that can be associated with spending a lot of time working on a computer as well.

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Due to these problems there are many different things and remedies that are available. Many of them will focus and help reduce one individual problem. This would be very helpful if you are only experiencing only one problem, however this is likely not the case. It could come in the form of a pain relieving pill, or it could be a muscle relaxing patch if you are feeling neck pain. You may be forced to use eye drops because you have redness from the eyestrain.

All of these things can be the precursor to a problem that is awaiting many people as they spend more and more time working at a computer. The problem that many of these people are going to be facing is known as Computer Vision Syndrome. This is caused from the eyes having to work in a different way to be able to focus on the words and symbols that are on the computer screen and from having to do it for extended periods of time. This can lead to other problems than headaches and neck pain such as blurred vision (at the end of a long day), double vision, difficulty focusing if the correct actions and measures are not taken to allow for the elimination of these problems.

This is a problem that is able to have correction simply with the use of the correct type of optical lenses designed for computer reading distance. There are many side effects as was stated earlier if you implement the use of computer glasses into your workday. These will have benefits not only in the short-term, but for a long time as well the long term. Think about the fact that you will eliminate those pesky headaches that have been bothering you. You will be able to eliminate a monthly visit to the chiropractor to straighten out your neck as well. You will save a lot of money by not needing so many different forms of pain relievers as well as prescriptions from the doctor for all of the symptoms you have from working in front of the computer all day.

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You can choose to have a dedicated pair of computer glasses custom made or you may be wondering how to convert your existing general purpose distance and reading pair of eyeglasses into computer glasses. Well, there is an easy way to use a new ergonomically designed clip-on computer reading glass to view a computer monitor by simply clipping it over the bridge of your general wear glasses that you are already wearing. There are little to no issues to being able to make this work so as to save your eyes and to improve your ability to be productive in the workplace as well. These lenses will do much for you in all aspects of work and make you a better person outside of work since they will eliminate much of the stress and aches and pains that you are experiencing.


Source by Bill A. Valentine, Ph.D.