Significance of the Body Language of a TV Anchor

Television is an audio visual media. A the posture and body language of a TV presenter is key to the success of the programme presented as the person has to present a program by communicating through his or her body language to a large extent apart from presenting it vocally. It must not be forgotten that Television is an audio visual media and hence lies the importance of body language. Let us discuss some aspects of it.

A TV presenter is sitting miles away from the targeted viewers. The respective anchor has to establish connection with the targeted viewers through eyes. His or her eyes must convey what he or she intends to say although it is being said verbally. The frequency and time of eye contacts must depend on the kind of program presented. The mood of the program as well as the concept must be taken into consideration.

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The importance of posture is immensely important in presenting a Television program. Let us discuss the importance of it.

Body language should depend on the kind of program presented. A more serious program needs a stern and assertive posture while a casual or entertaining one can be done with a casual posture. It involves everything from the sitting or standing position of the anchor to the movement of eyebrows and other body parts.

Hands communicate a lot. A more explanatory program will require intensive hand movements. Hand movements can play a vital role in presenting a program. Hand movements of a Video Jockey for example will have to be different from that of an anchor of a business channel or that of a presenter of a political news and so on.

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Eyebrow Movement is essential as proper and timely movement of eyebrows, enhances a presentation to a large extent.

Facial Expression must vary according to the type and seriousness of the program and opposite.

An anchor must also be aptly dressed for the occasion. The dress code must vary according to the type of program presented.

Television Anchoring has been immortalized by stalwarts like Oprah Winfrey. She is a living legend. Thus by maintaining a proper posture and body language, an anchor can take a program to new highs.


Source by Suddhadeb Chakraborti