Single Women and Emotionally Unfruitful Relationships

A man who wants you will adore everything about you:

When you enter a relationship that lasts for 5, 7, 10+ years, and is still going nowhere (whether is it longest distance or shortest distance), you must realise that you have been “Dating a man who is emotionally unavailable”. An emotionally unavailable man will use anything as an excuse to rubbish you, or put you down. He will do anything to prove to you why he must not marry you.

Many single women enter relationships with men that they like, and the men do not like them equally, yet they continue to hang on hoping he will suddenly change. If the man you are dating finds it hard to make up his mind to marry you after 7 years, when do you reckon he will marry you? In 20 years time? A man who wants you, one who needs you, will adore everything about you, and find nice ways to change what he doesn’t like. But he will never put you down…

Stop, Step Back, and Start Over

Woman, if you find yourself always fighting, always arguing, always unhappy, stop and ask if this is the life you always wanted. It may be that you are with a man who is not emotionally available to you. So, do the right thing. Stop and call yourself to order! Step back, retrace your steps, and start again. It may be hard to let go at first, but, time waits for no woman! Your biological clock is ticking. Don’t let any man place you on overtime! You may be waiting for a man for all those years, and he will eventually dump you.

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Look, men know their own mind, but they will never tell you. They know who they like to spend time with, and it may not be you. I am not even sure if there is anything as worse as a woman who goes begging a man to marry her, apart from a woman who dates a man who does not love you, does not remotely like anything about you, or even want anything to do with you. Surely, it must feel like rubbing yourself in cow dung, and looking for perfume to spray over, to cover the smell… Stop waiting in line, in a dead-end relationship, girls.

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Let No Man Despise Your Youth:

Stop yourself from dating a man who is emotionally unavailable. If you don’t value yourself, how on earth will anyone value you? You are a person of value. Let no man (or woman) despise your youth. Value yourself. What are you worth? Price yourself, and allow the ones who value you to have a fair chance, and to prove themselves. Guess what? Mr Right needs your heart. How can you give that to him, when your heart is already hanging in the toilet of Mr Wrong?

Wake Up, girls. Be fair to yourself, and to those who care. Until you detach emotionally from Mr Wrong, Mr Right will never show up. He will continue to lurk in the shadows. Life is meant for the living. Stop wasting your own time. Wake up, and move out of an emotionally unfruitful space. Trust God to pick you up when you make that decision. Stop living in unhappiness.


Source by Yinka Dixon