SNES/SFC ROM Hacking Tutorial – Understanding Pointer Tables | Video

===Broken links fixed – 2017/05/02

Required Tools (Windows Tutorial):

– The Pointer Tutorial File Pack (~8MB)

Wizardry English Beta Patch, beat, HxD, Lunar Address, and bsnes-plus

– Original Wizardry Gaiden IV ROM (4MB Extracted)

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Google it, or BUY THE CART and dump it! 😉

– A Notebook or piece of paper or Notepad (To make notes, silly!)

Hope it’s not too long-winded. Please leave feedback! Good or bad is welcome.

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Other Links:

Hex Workshop (trial):

HxD (free):

Current Wizardry Gaiden IV Beta Patch:



Lunar Address:

Pointer Tutorial File Pack (non-tiny URL):!Ari2BhmuWQDjioVqahraeYxLuv2jJg



  1. Best thing I can do too rom hacking is changing color palettes on snes ROMs and Sega Genesis ROMs I take a picture of the sprite I wanna change go into something like paint 3D and I see the Red Blue and Green colors for it and I use it in the rom color editor search to find the pallette set I’m looking for if your using SnesPal the link too the past green tunic colors are
    Make sure to enable auto convert before searching then go too the very bottom
    Of the found pallets the bottom one will be rabbit link (I think because of the pink in the part) and the one by it is links regular pallet

  2. Thank you so much for this! I've been messing about for hours trying to work out how to identify the pointers and the game I was looking at was very similar to your example! Really appreciate the help!

  3. God this is all so confusing. I wouldn't mind doing the work (sprites, new maps, etc.) except I can never get anything into the games without something breaking. How difficult is it to just increase the size of a rom, and add new information? For example, say I wanted to add new drivers or additional maps for Super Mario Kart… adding new ones, not replacing existing drivers and tracks. Is this even possible? Can you just add it in once increased and use pointers to tell the game where to find it? Or somehow increase the length of the section that contains the information to account for the additions?

    I'd be more than willing to put in the time except whenever I do (I've tried editing Pokemon games before) I create sprites, detail out every change I want to make, and then get stuck at the point of trying to edit the hex code and nothing ever works. One time I got a custom sprite into a 3rd gen Pokemon game for GBA but then the colors were all messed up, and it broke other things in the game.

  4. this is interessting. i want to translate some nes and snes games and videos like this are useful(even tho i expect the game still to fight me because i am pretty incompetent in terms of specifics in programming. i wanted to become a programmer when i was a kid. definitly not happening xD)

  5. I so wanna fix some of the errors in the Sailor Moon rom games (while spicing up some dialogue in at least the RPG one). Although I do wish that the beat works with the .ips files too.

  6. Puncha, I'm a beginner, and I mean BEGINNER. Love your video as slow is better in my case. I'm reading up and watching videos. My question, is how do you get the corresponding Rom Beta Patch for the rom that I am going to want to hack? I don't understand that part.

  7. It would be easier to understand the re-addressing of pointers if you drew a diagram of the process. Otherwise it's a bit confusing. Good video though, thanks!

  8. you have a recalculator of pointers, I'm looking for the Vrecalc.exe, but I can not find it, or a similar one, but show me how to use it

  9. This is the first video I watch about romhacking, I want to know if this is possible it's possible using the ms1 ship emulation to make Mario kart or turtles in time playable by 4 players ? I just want to know because I wanna learn a lot and I have a lot of time but if it is not possible I think I'm not going to try it out.

  10. I want to hack this GBC rom called Mario Family. It is a program for a sewing machine. Very interested in inserting custom patterns. Anyone care to do this? I will have the machine soon, so I can test your hacks. In the end I want a simple editor to convert images to appropriate code to insert into the rom.

  11. Hey Puncha quick question, how would understanding pointers come in handy when it comes to translating a rom and how would one go about doing that, assuming one understands the language they're translating.

  12. Wow interesting! Can i ask, if i wanted to change a music address from a Super Nintendo game, how exactly do i do it? I want to try to tell the game to load music in a different address of the game.

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