Social Etiquette (Confronting Anti-Social Habits)

The subject of personal hygiene is very sensitive, be it at work, social gathering, public or at college. The big question before us is how one can address the problems without embarrassing or hurting the feelings of those concerned. Also that the person who think is offended does not engage in the same offensive malady.

It is largely suggested that most people believe a lot of things can be done to encourage friends, workmates without tearing asunder the rapport, be it in the work place or at home.

Nose picking some investigation suggest that males have high habits of picking their nose. This seem to have its ancient roots in ancient time not only in Africa, but also in Europe.

It is disgusting and alienating especially when the individual sees it fit to eat whenever they have “dug out”. Men are said to have developed this habit much more than women. At times your girlfriend will notice this and feel shy to tell you to use a handkerchief.

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Different cultures have different ways of maintaining their health. Men and women have got different roles and expectation they are required to follow. At times a person can offend the table manners depending on the culture that he follows. Culture as define by Cumming et al as a totality of life transmitted from one generation to the other. Scholars like Fiske 1980 views “culture” as something that is ordinary. What one does be it at workplace, home, school or at church can be defined as culture.

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Above all hygiene at times cuts across multiple of culture and needs to be preserved to enhance development. Human beings are different from animals because they have certain ways of upholding their hygiene. It is important all the times to maintain high standards of hygiene that can improve our lives


Source by Caven Masuku

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