Sonic 1 Hacking Tutorials – Music Editing Part 1 | Video

Hex editor:

MarkeyJester’s SMPS guide:


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  1. Hello there animemaster222 i have a port from angel island 2 and i need help for change a bass guitar 1 in hex editor if you know how to change voices from a angel island 2?i remember your old hack sonic 1 revelation and i was listened the angel island 2,send me a PM from my channel,excuse me for take time and disturb him maybe you are busy in this still thanks for read!

  2. Personally I like Sonic music but for fun I wanted to disable music using hex editor. It is pretty simple, in music pointer you need to enter hex address where is no music track. This way works in most games with SMPS sound driver. Exceptions are Streets of Rage and The Revenge of Shinobi, game crashes when at music pointer is set null value but it is still possible to disable music in these games.

  3. The first part is here!. I like to take the time to apologies for the slow content, I'm just too busy. Will get them out when I can. As always, questions below.

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