Sophisticated Clean With Camay Soap

Personal cleanliness is a universal concern. However, while everyone will spend time maintaining their personal hygiene, not all methods and products are made equal. For individuals who are looking for a simple and luxurious clean, there are few products with more class and history than Camay Soap.

Camay Bar Soap is a classic bar soap that is renowned for being pure and gentle, leaving skin not only clean but fresh and soft as well. This soap stands out from other bar soaps with its distinctive pink appearance and light, floral scent. For added appeal, Camay not only strips out the dyes and additives of other soaps, but relies on natural moisturizers to keep skin from drying out after washing. In this way, Camay Soap promotes skin health at all ages, contributing to a superior complexion.

Manufactured by Procter & Gamble, Camay Bath Soap has been offered in stores since the 1920s. It was originally developed as an alternative to the heavily colored soaps that were on the market during the 1920s. In those days, most soaps utilized extensive dyes and other additives, all designed to hide the various imperfections in the soap. These additives could sometimes be abrasive, and detracted from the soap’s cleaning capabilities. This led Procter & Gamble to develop a simpler and purer version of soap with Camay Bar Soap. With a simple coloring and light scent, Camay Soap quickly became an appealing option for individuals of all ages. Procter & Gamble marketed Camay heavily to women, relying on its pink appearance and romantic scent.

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Over the years, Camay Bath Soap remained dedicated to it mission for purity and simplicity, even serving as the catalyst for many other brands. Because of this, Camay Soap soon developed an irrefutable reputation as a high end soap. In fact, one marketing campaign in the 1970s even featured an actual princess, helping cement Camay Soap as an elite brand name. Years since its creation, Camay still retains this image, with an continually growing market outside the United States. In this way, Camay Bar Soap has been a staple of the Procter & Gamble family, surviving the decades with an unparalleled sophistication.

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Camay Soap is available at some retailers, though availability may vary. For those who are interested in experiencing the unique cleaning experience with Camay Bar Soap, one of the best options is to shop online. Various online stores and retailers carry a large selection of Camay Bath Soap, making it easy to order as much and as often as needed. Shopping online also allows individuals to buy in bulk, which can lead to substantial discounts. For this purpose, Camay Bar Soap is most often available in four ounce bars and usually come in packs of three, which allows for easy storage, especially with bulk purchases.

As a choice for personal hygiene, Camay Soap has a lot to offer. Therefore, for pure clean, a soft complexion, and a romantic flair, be sure to consider Camay Bar Soap.


by Wynne Dillon