Spiritual Quantum Physics Unlocks Hidden Money Fears

Hi, this will be one of the most unique articles I have written to date. Why? Because now I will share with you some of my deepest fears. I thought about this for awhile and now I have decided to do it.

The more I study Spiritual Quantum Physics and the New paradigm of the Science of Radionics the more I understand that we are all indeed connected.

So these dark secrets that I have been carrying around with me for 70 some odd years are also may be the same kind carried around by some of you reading this article.

I would not share it if I had not found out a "solution" for eliminating them.

I have been quite successful in my work career. Being an electrical engineer for the City of New York and A Math professor in Arizona. I made a descent living.

But I could never make more money above and beyond the hard work I put into my jobs. Money always came to me very difficultly. I was always robbing Peter to pay Paul

Been there?

The New Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that we are energy and we attract into our life the energies we carry in our aura. A lot of these energies in our auras may be hidden there for many years, like mine.

The bottom line is that if I desire more money to do the things I want to do and I try to "ATTRACT" It to me It just don't happen. I am sure that the energy of money will find its way to my aura (energy field). BUT it never manifests into my physical reality. If the blocking energies I carry within my aura (known or unknown) are stronger than the new money energies trying to get in. It won't happen. The same I true of Love energy and Health energy.

Life is all about energy and power. If I have a 240 volt negative money energy field around my aura and I am only able to generate a 120 volt attract energy charge. Well you see what I mean.
In this new Age of Aquarius all is energy – yes it is all about energy.

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So now I knew that I was my own worst enemy. I had something inside of me that I could not put my finger on that was stopping me from manifesting the money energy I tried too hard to do.

Then I tried a lot of meditation and as I did I noticed that my intuition was getting stronger and I was being led to internet sites and eBooks that were helping me understand what was going on inside of me energy wise.

I was led to the Karl Welz Radionics sites. I studied and read and reread all his information.

Simply speaking he said that all life is based upon Chi energy, Prana, Life Force. The more life force one carries in his aura the more happier, healthier and wealthier he can make himself.

Since health, wealth and money are energy vibrations just like you are, if you have a method of attracting more (modulated health, wealth, love) life force into your life the more of these you will have.

So I purchased one of his inexpensive Karl Welz Chi Orgone Generator and started to use it for my meditations.

The first positive experiences I had were that my dreams got more vivid. Many of them brought forward things from my past (60-70 years ago.)

Then BINGO it happened during one of my meditations.

My Father! He and I did not get along right from the start. He was a very strict disciplinarian. He was a very hard worker, a common laborer who worked with his back. Always tired and always broke.

Then two money blockage events in my life came through the dark clouds of the past into my consciousness.

One time I was about 4-5 and I was standing by the stoop of our apartment house in Brooklyn. My spinster Aunt Mary came by and as always she talked to all the children. Then she reached into her purse and came out with several nickels.

She started to give all the kids a nickel (in the 40's, a nickel was a lot of money to a kid) and as she was about to give me one. I reached out for it as my father came by. Just as the nickel reached my hand he slapped it very hard so that the nickel flew away. He grabbed me by the shoulders pulled me away and shouted at Mary, "Don't you ever give him any money HE DOES NOT DESERVE IT!"

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Those five words hid themselves deep in my psyche and kept me from attracting more money then I deserved except by hard work.

One other time, I was a little older 7-8 and I was looking at a new car that one of the neighbors had just bought. I was about climb in for a ride when once again my father came by. He yanked me out of the car by my shirt and shouted "get out of the car. The likes of you and I can never afford to own a car like that."

Strike two. I will keep strike three a secret for I am still working on it.

I hold no ill will towards my father. He fought in WWII in the Navy and worked as hard as he could with no education. I look back now and I can see that with the combination of poverty, no education and drink, he could do no better.

I tell you this because with all my studies and my use of Radionics which is raising my prana level and my understanding of life on the planet I see that we all need help. Not help in the form of words but help in more life force. More life force so that we can see and solve our own problems. Life is about life force. Those who have it are happier, wealthier and wealthier than those who do not.

I waited 70 years for the Age of Aquarius, the paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Science of Radionics to help me free myself from past painful events that have been affecting my life. If you would like to know more on how I did this, please email me.


Source by Ellis Peterson