Spirituality and Lesbianism

What is Spirituality? What is Lesbianism?

Can Spirituality alter such behavior?

Is Lesbianism a case requires a cure.

How did science tackle such abnormal behavior, and what is the role of Religion and Politics in facing homosexuality between same sex males and females.

Spirituality in definition is the balancing realm between mental mind and physical body, without spirituality there is no neutrality, without neutrality there is no balance, and without a balance in life there is no peace of mind, no appropriate health awareness and no keen sense of nature preservation.

Most behavioral scientist and psychologist would identify Lesbianism or Homosexuality in general as a mal behavior generating from a desire of experiencing a same sex sexual relationship, a lust for same sex exchange…

Several researches have been conducted over the years but none of them was serious enough to confront the real issue, either due to negligence from the scientific community or simply due to politics and religious scrutiny of mainly church authorities, thought other religions institutes the same attitude toward this issue nonetheless…

So, what is Lesbianism or Homosexuality in general and what causes it; Is it an illness, or misconduct?

Let me specify addressing Lesbianism in this article while keeping in mind that Homosexuality in general does not differ in definition, thought generalization in this field of study is basically impossible due to the nature of human behavior and its derivatives in actions, reactions and responses.

Most cases of lesbianism recorded carried a notion of sexual molestation of a kind to the victim who in a process of accumulation and lack of parental attention ends up pursuing an alternative source that may provide a less hostile environment and an improved sense of security.

Parental attention plays a major role in shaping the end results of a molested or sexually abused victim. The general attitude of the mother within the house in dealing with a child, and the lack of the father role in providing a source of security to the child may very much lead to lesbianism.

Whether it is the mother or the father, what is certain is that the fragile relationship between the parents and the negligence of a child may indeed lead to many negative behaviors let alone Lesbianism.

An overly authoritative matriarch mother or a fragile or exceedingly hostile father may very much be a cause of such mal behavior in a child, and let’s remember, a child is a child, delicate and fragile whether it’s a male or a female…

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Having said that, it is crucial to emphasis on the importance of social education over parental upbringing and supervision role within communities, and the necessity to involve the media in a more scientifically guided and less commercially oriented manner.

A female becomes lesbian not because she is after sexual satisfaction, A female becomes a lesbian because she is searching for safety and security whether in sex or in an ordinary relationship. A woman may offer sexuality oriented lustful satisfaction to another woman in return of sense of security and belongingness, though this grows to lead to adopted nature due to repetitive exercise during years of accumulated experience.

What deters me from getting into the tiny details in here is the mere fact that doing so will lead to comparative generalization which I am trying to avoid for the sake of keeping this article within its context, definite and short.

Now, can spirituality alter such behavior; Yes I believe it may and can do such that.

In fact I believe that a guided spiritual training and guided consultancy may very much succeed in altering such mal behavior, and gradually promote the natural trend within any individual.

I personally regard the desire to try a same sex experience within reasonable urge still falls under the natural behavior due to the nature of the female.

I believe a female have an equal urge for male and female due to her inherited role as an expected mother looking after both male and female children.

If a female does not equally accept both sexes and may express her acceptance by a sexually driven act, then a mother would in my opinion be not fit to raise other sex child…

I believe the decision for the male partner is more appropriately derived from fulfilling her mother role in baring children rather than the sexual satisfaction as a priority…

Therefore, this decision is attained by exercising a socio/cultural role in most of it rather than totally instinctive.

Putting two females in the right environment with an appropriate motivation may stimulate their desire to exchange sex even for once in their lives for several reasons.

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It is worth mentioning that in many species animals try to give and get sexual stimulation with others where procreation is not the aim; and homosexual behavior has been observed among many species and many of those were well documented.

Whatever makes a pair of animals socially monogamous does not necessarily make them sexually or genetically monogamous. Social monogamy, sexual monogamy, and genetic monogamy can occur in different combinations.

Two examples of systems in primates are promiscuous mating chimpanzees and bonobos. These species live in social groups consisting of several males and several females. Each female copulates with many males, and vice versa. In bonobos, the amount of promiscuity is particularly striking because bonobos use sex to alleviate social conflict as well as to reproduce.

The bonobos which have a matriarchal society live in social grouping consisting of several males and females and in addition to using sex for reproduction, they too use sex to alleviate their social conflicts, a new comer female ape may resort to rub vaginas with the matriarch of the clan or the dominant female in return of a favor an advancement or social acceptance.

In fact they are fully bisexual male and female species…indeed, homosexuality does occur in the animal kingdom.

To get back to the human race, it seems that behavioral scientists in general lacked the appropriate initiatives to further explore this syndrome due to couple of factors or more.

One of them is certainly religious authorities’ complications and the other is sociopolitical setback and ethical restrains accompanied by gay, human rights freedom of expression lobbying groups.

Last but not least, guided spirituality with dedicated conduct did alter several of such cases and lesbians did become normal again and are enjoying their normal lives with no regrets what so ever.

I will settle for this for the time being and promise to generate a positive debate pertaining this issue in the near future perhaps by inviting active lesbians and the want to be (wannabies) and those who altered to share with us a fruitful and productive debate benefiting our para community and the rest of the world.

Adam El Masri


Source by Adam El Masri