Spirituality Information – Beingness Creates Doingness

Spirituality information is being in a state of flow. What you are being dictates what you are doing.

Think about this statement. Whatever you are doing you are doing it because of your state of being.

Your beingness creates your doingness

We are physical creatures and because of this physicality we are more often concerned with what we are doing than what we are being. In the big scheme of things we are all too often focused on the action rather than the cause of the action. We discount our intentions and forge full steam ahead looking for results to something that seems to need to be accomplished when all the while we don’t really know why we are doing what it is that we are doing.

Does this have a ring of truth to it for you? I know that when I was sleepwalking through life (living my life in a very unconscious manner), I was often caught up in the importance of my doingness and never all that concerned about who I was being at any given time. Only when I began to wake up to myself and seek to really know who I was at a much deeper level did I begin to become aware of the concept of my beingness.

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You Are In A Constant State of Being

You see, we are always being something, just as we are always doing something. The correlation between what we are being and what we are doing is absolute. Whatever you are doing you are doing as a direct result of what you are being. You don’t “do happy.” First you “be happy” and then you “do happy things”. Happiness is a state of being and from that state of being you will “do” all manner of things that exemplify what happiness is.

Just look at what you have been doing and you will be able to determine your state of being. If you are cheating on your golf score, you are being a cheater. If you are lying to friends in order to look better, you are being a liar. If you are talking about your friends behind their back then you are being a gossip.

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Everything you “do” stems from what you are “being”. The great revelation here is that you can consciously choose who you want to “be” in any given moment. Even better is that you can consciously determine who you want to be as far as your whole persona is concerned. If you choose to be a person who is loved by all the people they know then you must “be loving” yourself. If you choose to be a person who is respected by all the people they know then you must “be respectful” of all the people you know. If you choose to have prosperity in your life, then you must “be prosperous” to others around you by helping them in their prosperity.

This is the nature of the universe in which we live. Spend more of your time concentrating on who you are being rather than on what you are doing. It is your state of beingness that is important to you because;

“Your Beingness Creates Your Doingness.”


by Richard Blackstone