Subjective Compassion Versus Objective Compassion

Quantum Physics Subjective Compassion No Objective Compassion Yes

One of the greatest gifts that the Age of Aquarius has given us is the Laws of Quantum Physics.

Not only is it the new paradigm of laws we are to use for the next 2000 years, it is also gives us a scientific, as well as an easy explanation of who and what we are.

We are individual souls that live in the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God and also in the physical manifestation of the Mind of God, our Universe.

We are similar to the individual drops of water that exist both in the ocean and apart from the ocean. Pick up a handful of ocean water and let it slip through your fingers. Can you see the individual drops?

The biggest idea that the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us is that we have created our lives, our own physical realities.

I am sitting in a chair at 6 in the morning writing this article because I put myself here, no body else.

My choices of thoughts for the past 70+ years, plus many thoughts I carried over from past lives has put me in this seat no one else.

I may have chosen to follow the erroneous, false and even “so called” evil thoughts of other’s that were placed before me. But again it was my choice, unconscious or not.

Our only true purpose for living, seemingly, outside the Mind of God in this physical reality is to consciously work our way back to the Mind of God using our physical reality.

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We came out into a physical reality, which we are continuously creating every moment and we are to use this creation to work our way back.

In short, we are to use our Conscious and physical reality we have built to become more god like with each incarnation.

This brings us to the question of subjective versus objective compassion. Compassion is truly one of the highest virtues of man.

The only problem, and it is a very big problem, is that subjective compassion leads to slavery, weakness and loss of individualism.

On the other hand, objective compassion is one of the gifts of God and leads to freedom, strength an individuality.

What is subjective compassion? Subjective compassion is doing something for someone else who should have done it for themselves. Welfare programs and social reform programs are all subjective. When you see someone who is sick, or poor or in any kind of trouble, you should not go and give him money; you should not go and heal him/her. They must come to the realization that they have caused and attracted their illness or poverty.

Any trouble you find, both you and they should know that they caused it themselves. They attracted it with their thoughts and emotions. They have used the power of creation to create a negative reality here for themselves.

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Once they accept and understand this and stop blaming any one and everyone outside themselves for their misfortune, the healing process will begin and their finances will begin to be on the upswing. It is at this point you can give them a helping hand, but at this point they will probably not need it.

Objective compassion simply means that you understand the workings of the mind and the Laws of Creation. When you see someone broke, sick or in trouble you do not feel sorry for them. That is subjective compassion. You don’t rush in to take their burden. Much better you teach them about how they attracted their ill health and misfortune. Show them how to point themselves in the right direction. This will cause them to become independent rather than their formerly “dependent” self. It is better that they learn that they are not the victim of society, or an angry God. We do it to our selves through our thoughts words and deeds.

Even one of the great teachers 2000 years ago knew the difference between subjective and objective compassion.

He said, “Don’t give a man a fish, teach him to fish.”


by Ellis Peterson