Suitcase Nukes Dirty Bombs and Porous Borders

So far we has seen one huge International Terrorist Attack of 9-11 and several secondary large attacks such as the Madrid Bombing, Bali Explosion, Philippines Ferry Sinking and the London Transit Attack. Yet we have not seen a biological attack, yet we know the International Terrorists are thinking here as we recently linked one of the helpers of the London Train and Bus attack to a Egyptian gentleman with a PhD in Chemistry. We also have intelligence that there are plans to attack a chemical plant in the United States, which seems fairly legitimate seeing as many Oil and Gas assets such as pipelines and refineries have been previously hit.

Additionally these industries including the transportation of such are closely linked; Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants go hand in hand. We have seen International Terrorists use backpacks in their crimes against the innocent and have video footage prior to their acts carrying such bags. We also have reports of Chechnyans coming over our Southern borders carrying backpacks. We know that the Mexican Mafia along with drug runners and former Mexican Intelligence officials have been caught in the act working together. We have also caught our own including police, border patrol, checkpoint personal and a national guardsmen on our own team accepting bribes to allow shipments over our borders. MS-13 a gang has declared war on the volunteer vigilantes such as the “Minutemen” and the “Yuma Patriots” meaning using real bullets to kill them. We have lost control of our borders. We have Russian WMD, which is lost, including some nuclear material, bio-weapons and many scientists who have sold out to the highest bidder. We have China selling weapons to Iran and Israel selling weapons to China. We have Pakistan buying F-16s, while harboring Osama Bin Laden and developing UAVs and short range cruise type missiles. We have SAMs surface to air missiles from China being sold to God only knows who, while Chinese Generals advise on using nuclear weapons against the United States if we come to the aid of our Taiwan in any near future conflict. Meanwhile arsenals are pointed at each other. We have Japan upset over Russia’s claim to the Volcano infested chain of Kuril Islands, while North Korea is testing ICBMs by flying them over the Japanese Mainland. Bird Flu has been found in China, Vietnam, Japan and is expected to be here soon, while China tests a secret vaccine on its people in a Eastern Province. AIDS runs ramped in China, Africa and unchecked in many other closer countries. We are still looking for some of the WMD weapons manufacturing of Saddam, which is probably in Syria or Lebannon, which no one will talk about. While the Palestinians are flying so far un-armed UAVs over the Israeli border. We have international politics and the true leaders of the world making all sorts of back door deals while we hunker down for Hurricane and Typhoon season around the world. The tectonic plate in the Indian Ocean and a sub plate under Japan are said to be cracking and Global Warming is said to be coming fast. All of which could lead to Global Cooling, excessive hyper weather anomalies and an ice age. Water supplies by 2025 will cause massive deaths and crop failures. Hackers and computer net-centric warfare are said to take down the entire Internet soon, while your identity is stolen and your SPAM prevents you from communicating. International Terrorists are said to plan to take down more airliners, attack our food supply and deliver a virus laced small pox that will kill millions. Meanwhile dirty bombs, suitcase nukes and Electronic Pulse Weapons are to become the future tactics of our enemy. We are preparing to protect our satellite assets and communication systems by developing space weapons yet having a tough time shooting down incoming ICBMs even if it is for practice. Is that all? No, not hardly, there is more sound and fury to cloud our judgment in this present period than in another other time in human history. We are just able to absorb more due to the better food supply, longer life experience and number of news outlets and speed of information feeding our brain usage then previously in our evolution. Therefore more scare tactics are needed.

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Now then does it really matter if you believe in the devil or not? Isn’t it really ourselves we should be worried about. Those innate characteristics of mankind, which got us here, but also prevent us from getting to the next step? If there was a Devil, which there is not; I wouldn’t worry about him much? The tall tell of the Devil is a pretty weak villain for the most part. I am more worried about the hypocritical nature of our own species, which allows us to target our neighbor in the name of our individual chosen gods. If there is one lesson in this bizarre labeling of good and evil, saint or infidel, international terrorist or holly man; it is this: “we are our own worst enemy.”

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The only real evil is to deny that which we are fore until we recognize that and admit our faults, we have little chance of fixing much of anything? The Devil 666, indeed; where? Show me? Because all I see is a bunch of people on all sides running around pointing figures and choosing sides for a show down? There is more positioning and rhetoric these days than in all the Donald Trump “You’re Fired” episodes put together. Furthermore; there is no need to fulfill some insane prophesy of any religious fictional work or doomsday prediction of enigmatic words written long ago for the sole purpose of controlling the masses to serve the will of the few. Think about this, all of it. And I promise to get back to y’all real soon.


by Lance Winslow