Surpassing Your Idols

Most everyone has someone in their life they look up to. Someone that they idolize. It may be in business, it may be a friend, it may be someone wise…

Part of the process of spiritual growth, or the growth of your self as a whole, is to constantly improve yourself and set your goals as high as possible. What this means is, that in any area in which you are passionate enough to have an idol, at some point in time you will surpass your idol.

When that happens, it can be a little painful, or a little disappointing. But it’s also exhilarating! And when you get to the point that your old idols are no longer replaced by new ones, you may find that you idolize yourself!

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So don’t let the process upset you, and don’t place your idols too high up on their pedestal. Keep in mind that what they are doing is possible for you too, and then rather than worship your idols, begin to compete with them. After all, the best way to grow is to compete with someone better than you.

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Think about sports – baseball, basketball, soccer… The most potential for growth are the games where your opposing team is much better than you. So too, in business, spirituality, talents or skills, when you compete consistently with the best, you automatically improve yourself in leaps and bounds. Before long you find that those you idolized are now your peers.

And after that, possibly you will become their idols!


by John Paul Owens