Surrender Meditation | A Spoken guided visualization (Letting go of control) | Video

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  1. i got rejected from all the colleges i applied to after graduating a year late from high school….. no idea what the universe wants from me but im exhausted of having nothing go my way ever.

  2. I lost my pet bird last year in August, I had had her for just under a year, it was traumatic for me. Tbh it was one of the biggest reasons I started listening to sleep meditations, I can't stand the silence of my room anymore. Just hearing him ask that I stay through any bad memories, and then telling me I was safe and wasn't alone was enough to bring me to tears. I don't think he'll see this comment, but thank you so much, Jason, you've helped me a lot for the past few months. 💚

  3. From my childhood till this moment of my life I never found peace I spend my life struggling with everything and everyone what makes my life even worse I have bipolar I tried everything to make my life near to normal nothing works all the shit about being positive to law of attraction to therapy I've done that all but what really breaks my heart is that I believe there is a God but he never took care of me he left me the day I was born I gave up on people now I give up on God I don't even know why the fuck I'm writing this shit probably no one gonna read it

  4. In times of Corona i have realized that my biggest fear in life is – Death. Being suicidal for most of my life to wanting to live so hard. And have received everything that i could ever dream of, has made me feared of what I wanted so badly before, to die.

  5. This was absolutely incredible. Thank you, thank you so much!

    Love and peace be with you and everyone who sees this comment ❤🌍✌

  6. So I fell asleep while listening to this. I could have sworn that Jason showed me a magical secret passageway to China and told me something about finding the cure for Covid19. I felt myself traveling there but then I woke up. Lol.

  7. You are a God's gift for everyone who wants to let go and help themselves. Thank you for this beautiful creation. You are amazing 💫.

    Wishing everyone happiness and love and light 💝💫💐🌈🌹🕊🦋🍀⚡💖

  8. Thank you Jason❤️🙏🏼❤️ Your voice is very easy and pleasant to listen too. I felt so much peace.🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

  9. This is possibly the most powerful 35 minutes of my past 20 years. I have long worn 2 different socks to remind me of the facts of life and "out of my control ". This is an awesome show stopping reminder of reassurance. Thank you…

  10. I have to put my dog Mukka to sleep in an hour. She is my best friend on earth. I am so sad. I did a meditation, but it was interrupted. Then this meditation popped up

  11. One of your best meditations which will no doubt bring peace to those who listen. I have been following you for a few years now and lead a blessed more or less stress free life but I still enjoy this for the sheer relaxation and mindfulness. I wish you would do more meditations like this. So many of your recent ones seem to be around sleep problems or just music, which may be because so many people have asked you for this type. Please consider doing more for daytime relaxation. I do so enjoy them. Namaste 🙏

  12. Does anybody know where can i get the music from this video? Its so soothing and relaxing.. if not, jason please upload the full music from this video.. thanks 😇😇

  13. Thank you, it is healing to me! I understand that I was holding past and couldn't move on. Now, I am full of trust and ready to new possibilities in my life. I am grateful for heart – earthquake, because it happened to teach me. I learned from pain and love.
    I wish healing to everyone ❤️ I love you

  14. ⚠️WARNING⚠️

    Do not listen to this content. The man on the screen is not a medium/psychic/spiritual at all. He’s a medioker amatuer at hypnosis. The guy has no moral making money of his own self made business.

    He does hypnotherapy for a living, yet not telling anybody about it. Does his wife and kids know? Most likely not since his whole carrier of 25 years is a huge lie. He scamed a lot of people during his growing progress of slowly becoming famous. He does ”feel good” on his workshop. Which he claims to be ”Satsangs” wich is nonsens. Biggest lie ever.

    What ever you do have the following in mind;

    ⛔️Do not attempt any attention to this randome man.
    ⛔️Unfollow him, for the rest of your life.
    ⛔️Do not take any part of his workshops/satsang or online video/material.
    ⛔️Do not take part of any of his content what so ever.
    ⛔️No email neither.

    He’s doing a freak show for expensiv money. I know due to four years of forced encounter and online contact with this stranger. He stalked me physically and did not leave me alone.

    He truly is ”stranger danger”. I know now since it cost a lot on my healt and life.

    I’m writing this most kindly to warn people of a scam. Worst case scenario is the expence of your life. I had to quit my university studies due to helth issues from hypnosis this stranger caused me. I called the police on him – thats when he finally left me – after four long years…

    Take this warning seriously. Acknowledge a serious session of a practising hypnotherapist with good sense of moral. This if you have been in any contact with his services/offering or been listening to free online content put up by this man.

    I sure will never forgive this man for the sacrifice he’s done to me.

  15. I dislike background music very much.
    Some of the things said here sound ridiculous ie: the current will help us get where we're going if we just stop paddling upstream. Our life IS upstream. We have to put effort into life to get things that have meaning! To let the current take us wherever, we would wash up on some bank like rotting driftwood.

  16. This was beautiful, thank You so much Jason it gave me peace of mind and spirit the desire to let go and be free! God is working it out! Love 💗 peace, and blessings to everyone on this platform 😇

  17. Thank you God thank you universe for the lightness I feel. I released fear and worry and I feel abundant I feel successful I know know everything is working for my good. I’m happy I’m safe, I’m abundant now as we speak …. to anyone battling I speak life and alignment over them. Release of control …. release

  18. Such a great mediation video. Thank you so much for providing it to us all! I usually can't calm over guided meditations cause they keep distracting me in a way, does more damage than the use but this one even my crazy overthinking mind I got calm. It is wonderful, thank you so much!!!

  19. I'm glad I remembered this morning that I listened to and liked this video before. I feel like I'm at the lowest point of my life after all of these things that happened and are still happening. Infidelity of a loved one and having an illness that has no cure, of which I have no control. 🙁 I should let them go. Thank you so much for this meditation. I pray for all of us going through these hard days.

  20. To my mom, even tho you are not here physically I still feel you thank you for all the good memories we made together. To my sister I also thank you for the good memories but the one thing I would say is I wished I still could make more memories with you 2 good memories are the best🙏peaceful journey to the spirit realm until we meet again.💝

  21. Back here again, but this time! I feel am drawn to this meditation, even though I am open minded and filled with positivity, not sure why I am here? , but.! I have learned not to self judge and just let things happen the way they wil, then just go with it wherever it takes me. Sending love and hugs to you Jason and of course little dharma too!

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