Swami Dayananda Saraswati – Preceptor and Sovereign of the World

There was a time when our country India was the preceptor and sovereign of the world. The Vedic culture prevailed all over the world. Only one Vedic religion, one religious-book-Veda, one worshiping-God-Aum, one supreme-caste-Arya, one salutation-Nameste, one universal language-Sanskrit and one cultural flag-Aum could be seen. But as the wheel of time moved and little earlier than one thousand years from the Mahabharat our cultural downfall started. Various episodes of this downfall could be seen in various forms during the period of Mahabharat. But fortunately one great soul in the name of Yogeshwar Krishna was there who tried hard to stop the downfall of this great country. He tried tirelessly to transform the pieces of Bharat into Mahabharat, taught a lesion of activism or action-yoga in the form of message of Geeta (Pure). He guarded the religious essence of the Vedic Culture. But the cost of building this Mahabharat was very high. The loss of life and property was tremendous. A number of intellectuals, valiant, generous people lost their life. In spite of all out efforts made by Shri Krishna to save this country from the degradation were proved futile.

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The cycle of degradation started at the end of the life of Shri Krishna, continued. In the intermittent period the great divinities like Budha, Mahveer, and Sankaracharchya tried to uphold the degradation from time to time. They held campaigns also, but their attempts were different from the Vedic cult of life and their followers took these campaigns far away from the Vedic religious currents, to the extent that they became as if adversary to them. As a result our national life was caught into the clutches of poverty, misery, slavery and religious antagonism and this world preacher became paid slave of thousands of different opinions and foreign culture. In such a canopy of darkness with the blessings of the world spirit God’s one ray of kindness illuminated. In the same way after Yogeshwar Shri Krishna one great soul took birth in the name of Rishi (Sage) Dayanand and blessed the womb of mother India.

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Rishi Dayanand dedicated his life and youth for the transformation of past into present and restore the Vedic Religion, Vedic Culture and Vedic Age. In order to bring in this cultural restoration, the harbinger of revolution.

Swami Dayananda Saraswati participated in not only hundreds but in thousands of discourses and travelled thousands of miles across the country. Not only he had blown the conch of revolution but created vast quantity of literature commensurate with the Veda and classical literature in order to make them immortal. The literature created by Rishi Dayanand ranges from huge book like the commentary on Vedas to small books like the Aryoddeshya Ratna Mala and Go Karunanidhi. Every page written by him is utmost valuable, but among all of them the Satyarth Prakash represents the most brilliant form of his ideological revolution.

Source by Harish Mehta Bob