Swing Your Golf Club Around Your Neck

I know this may sound bizarre, but the swing thought to swing your golf club around your neck is not a bad one at all. In a way, it will simplify the golf swing for a lot of golfers who are struggling with consistency and even power. There is so much wasted movement during a swing (I should know), that it wreaks havoc on your ball striking. Causing shots off the toe of your club, the heal (or even hozel – dreaded shank), as well as thin and topped shots, which all lead to a poor outcome.

So what’s this thought about swinging around your neck right?

Well, your head is the heaviest part of your body, so where your head goes, your body quickly follows right? So if you move off the ball with your head on the takeaway, you are going to sway (or slide with your body too). For every wasted motion going back, you must duplicate it coming down to get back in a relatively consistent impact position for solid shots that go straight.

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This is just added junk that should not be in your swing to begin with.

So to simplify this, all you need to think about is a steady head when you go back and come down. I know it sounds too easy, but it actually is fairly easy to do. They always say, eliminate your swing thoughts down to 1 or 2, especially when you’re playing. How about get it down to ONE?

If you can simply think of your shoulders rotating around your neck, you can master this game. So the takeaway, should be your right shoulder going BACK (not to the side) right away; with the feeling of that rotation around your neck and upper spine. Rotate your right shoulder as far back as it can go, and you’ll be making the biggest backswing you’ve ever made. Now your core is ready to unleash all that coil and power in your downswing.

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So all you have to thinking about coming down is getting that left shoulder rotating immediately as you are dropping your arms, so you come down on plane and not over the top. When you make this new move coming down, you are going to be shocked at how much store energy you have without making that really hard swing, which causes tension, and tension slows down swing speed.

So remember, your new thought is to “swing your golf club around your neck”.


by Mike Pedersen