Symptoms of Being in Love – Have You Been Bit by the Love Bug?

What exactly is love? Can people explain how love happens? How would you know if you’re already in love? How would you know if you’ve been bitten by the love bug? What are the symptoms of being in love? Could you stop yourself from falling in love?

To start with, I know that love is such a broad subject to tackle. It changes a person emotionally and physically. Love is often defined as a feeling of attraction towards another person. It may also be defined as a feeling of strong attachment or desire for something that catches our interest. Being in love with a person is different from the love that we feel for an object but they are both considered as love. Love can be defined in as much ways possible as you can imagine.

Most people say that being in love makes you different. It changes your outlook in life. You feel happier than usual. You feel positive and when it comes to the apple of your eyes, you often regard yourself as Superman and her as your Lois. It’s funny but it’s true. Being in love seems to have the effect that every little detail of the world is focused and magnified. Falling in love is something that a person could not control. It is involuntary.

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So, how will you really know that you are “in love?” Being a broad subject as it is, I have found the need to explore other people’s opinion about the symptoms of being in love based on their experiences. And to my surprise, there are actually symptoms of being in love! If these symptoms are present in your life, better have a heads up man! You just might be falling in love right at this very second.

Here are some of the things that I’ve found out.

• The first thing that they told me is that when you’re in love, you definitely are inspired. You feel like you can do anything. You feel as if you’re invincible.

• You think as if nothing could happen that would make your day go bad.

• You always mention the name of the girl.

• When the topic has nothing to do with the girl you’re interested in, you find ways on making her the subject.

• She is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up in the morning and she is the last person you think of at night.

• You always want to see her and you always want to be with her.

• When she passes by, you stop and stare as she zones out.

• You couldn’t wipe that smirk off your face when she’s near.

• You imagine how it feels to be with her.

• You practice every line and every word that you’re going to tell her but still mumble through most of the conversation.

• You try and make the conversation longer by talking about nothing at all.

• You make excuses just to hold her hand. You sing songs that are so out of your genre, wait just a second. You sing?!?

• You act irrational but the things you do are always rationalized in your brain.

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Judging by these accumulated symptoms, love seems really complicated but we cannot deny the fact that love is what makes people happy. Love makes us realize the importance of something or someone for that matter. Do not be afraid to love, bear in mind that if you don’t risk being hurt, you wouldn’t enjoy the happiness that love brings. If you’ve been bitten by the love bug, there is really no turning back. Just try and enjoy the ride.


Source by Toby Hardwick