Tarot Card Reading – The Fool

A deck of Tarot cards tells a new ‘story’ each time, for each reading and for each person. Every story begins with a zero, which signifies our Trust in our intuitions, decisions and the promise of the unknown future. Without a certain degree of trust, one is unable to begin afresh, with a clean and hopeful state of mind.

The Major Arcana within Deck of Tarot too begins with 0 and is known as the Fool. A Querent who draws this card need not be disheartened thinking that s/he is proclaimed less intelligent or behaving like an actual fool. It rather implies a childish curiosity, open-mindedness and most importantly faith. The Tarot reader will usually encourage the Querent to interpret it as positive sign to take risks, trust his or her own intuitions and forge ahead.

This is how the Zero or the Fool card impacts different aspects of our life –

Soul space – If a person seeking connection with one’s own inner self draws this card, it usually means that person might be open to listening his/her own inner voice and ignore the materialistic urges. There is a strong urge to try out different paths of Spirituality. The only word of caution might be to draw a line somewhere and not get too carried away.

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Fitness – The Fool in this regard provides support for healthy and conscious living. It alerts the Querent to be aware and careful always, to avoid unhealthy habits and lifestyle. It warns you to look before you leap. Cures for chronic diseases might be within reach if all the options are explored.

Career – Just like the Fool, be brave with your new ideas and innovations and success is within reach. If the seeker is contemplating changing the field of work, or starting a new venture, this card will give you the clarity and courage for it.

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Money – Drawing the Fool card is interpreted as a very positive sign for finances. The Querent can usually trust instincts work intensely and take calculated risks with business and the outcome is likely to be profitable. Even if not entirely lucrative, the whole experience is good and with value learning.

Love life – The Fool urges you to jump ahead in love and to follow your heart. Erase any baggage from the past and wear your heart on your sleeve. Trust oneself and trust the loved one and there will be a happy ending.

Overall, the Zero or the Fool is harbinger of cautious new beginnings and an encouraging, positive card. Although these are just the general guidelines, one needs to do an actual reading with a knowledgeable Tarot Card Reader for more clarity.


by Sneha Parihar