Tata Dongo Remi: Bringing Voodoo From the Congo to Belgium

Once again this week we are talking about one of the most powerful Voodoo practitioners in a quest to increase the understanding of the power of this mystical religion before you request. This week we are looking at someone with plenty in common with our own resident priest, as he too comes from a long line of voodoo practitioners who started their work in Africa before taking the calling with them to operate farther afield. This week we are talking about Tata Dongo Remi, the man who took voodoo from the darkest depths of the Congo into the centre of Europe.

Dongo Remi is the third generation of four highly acclaimed Voodoo practitioners. He is considered a psychic and his early work was undoubtedly impressive but it has been his activity in more recent years that have brought him more into the public eye. He has met a variety of world dignitaries including the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mobutu Sese Soko and the previous pope, John Paul II. In addition, he has received interest for his work with the Congolese national football team, helping them to victory through his powerful spells and incantations. So what is that has brought such impressive, world renowned figures to sit with a voodoo practitioner? What is it about this unique individual that he is able to bring Voodoo into the mainstream world?

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As far as his work in the Congo goes, much of this fame comes as a result of a divination ritual he performed to try and recover a famous artifact which changed the understanding of the history of the Congo. The Ishango bone was the fibula of a baboon which had, inserted in the end a sharp piece of quartz and some tally marks down the length of it. The inference is that this was used for mathematical calculations. The degree of difficulty of these calculations is still under debate but either way they point to a civilisation that was far more advanced than most others 20,000 years ago. Tata Dongo Remi had heard rumour of this artifact and made it his mission to try and find it, something which decades of scientists had failed to do. He found it inside a couple of weeks.

It is perhaps fitting that this bone now resides in a museum in Brussels as that is where Dongo Remi has been interviewed most fervently by the western media as he endeavors to bring the ethical understanding of voodoo up to date and distance it from the mystical, dark arts and get it recognised as the spiritual undertaking it truly is. In 2010 his profile was hugely elevated after the understanding that he had been in regular contact with the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. As a known spiritualist and arguably the most famous man in the world, this contact with Jackson has elevated the profile of Dongo Remi, and what started out as curiosity has since led to a great increase in conversion to voodoo as initial skepticism is replaced by understanding, thanks to the teaching of this extraordinary man.

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Don’t forget, as always we are keen to hear your stories of voodoo and your testimonials of the success of the rituals that accompany it. It is our desire to be part of the increased acceptance of Voodoo as a religious practice, so any stories we can tell can only serve to add to that so if you have had a positive experience share it with us and the rest of the world.


Source by Jean Emmanuel