Teacher Arrested in Marijuana Muffin Related Case

No one in Dallas expected two graduating seniors to be arrested for serving marijuana laced brownies to the Lake Highlands High School teacher staff. So it comes as quite a shock to report that one of the teachers poisoned by the THC containing brownies, has recently been arrested for possession of cannabis.

Seymour Smith, a Physical Education teacher at Lake Highlands High School was arrested Wednesday in the High School’s parking lot while eating what local Police described as marijuana tainted meatloaf. An attorney for Mr. Smith read a statement he had prepared while waiting in jail.

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The statement read in part:

“Since that day I was introduced to marijuana by those two punks from that Catholic High School, I have been unable to control my appetite for comfort foods baked with marijuana. These foods–in addition to marijuana meatloaf–include Mary Jane macaroni and cheese, hydroponic potato pancakes, and tuna casserole with weed. As a consequence of the aforementioned dastardly prank, I can no longer eat regular food unless it is baked with cannabis. Unless I am cured, I fear that my addiction will worsen and that I will experiment with more recipes–such as pot pot-pies and baked baked Alaskans, and of course hashish hash browns.”

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Mr. Smith’s Attorney confirmed that a lawsuit against the teens is pending. The attorney also added that Mr. Smith may consider dropping charges providing the teens give him, “the recipe for those delicious marijuana bran-muffins.”


by W.P. Mann