Teens Make Money Online With Google AdSense

As most of you teens and college students begin your online money making adventures, you will most likely come across a program called Google AdSense countless times. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to make money online but what exactly is it? Here are some quick useful facts about AdSense:

– It is a large share of income for Google. In Q2 2012, Google reportedly made $ 3.13 billion, or roughly 27% of their total revenue.
– Publishers receive 68% of the total revenue and Google 32%.
– It is 100% free to be a publisher of Google ads.
– It is by far the most reliable form of advertising on the internet today.

So how much money can you actually make with AdSense? While many people who use Google AdSense will ultimately fail, it is for one reason alone … effort. It is not easy to create a website or blog and put in the necessary hours to make it unique and something that people will want to read. However, once you find that one thing you are passionate about, creating a website will seem less like a side job and more like a hobby and something exciting. If you can get to a point where you care more about updating your website with interesting content, and less about making money, then you will most likely succeed and make a great deal of money through AdSense.

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While some of the top publishers in the world earn near a million dollars a year with AdSense, don't expect to be making that much right off the get go. Those users took years of trial and error to determine what works and what doesn't. I can also guarantee you that those people care more about engaging their users than creating income for themselves. However, as a new user, I can say with confidence that you can make yourself a few hundred dollars if you do the work and have a great website that people want to visit.

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While you can make nearly $ 200 a month with a simple blog, if you were to scale up and create a few more targeted blogs you could definitely make a lot more money. As a teen or college student looking to make some money online, it is entirely possible to make a cheap website / blog based on anything you desire, build backlinks and perform some search engine optimization. Best of luck to you and don't ever give up.


Source by John Cookster