The Anatomy of a Vampire

There exists schools of black yoga in India which instruct their disciples in a tenebrous science. We can reduce all of their profound studies of occultism into one synthesis: the Serpent. If the serpent ascends, then we are Gods with dominion over nature, but if the serpent descends, then the tail of the Demon is formed in us, and we become demons (real vampires).

The tail of the Demon (the Kundabuffer) is a prolongation of the Astral counterpart of the coccyx and is the result of the movement of serpent, downwards, towards the earth.

The Kundalini is the Staff of the Patriarchs, the Rod of Aaron, the Reed of Brahma and the Scepter of the Gods.

The Gnostic Vampire awakens the Kundalini through the intentional practice of certain negative esoteric practices. These practices are strictly sexual.

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The Gnostic Vampire whom wants to awaken his Kundalini in a negative way and fortify his Kundabuffer (Tail of Satan) is walking upon the black path of initiation.

The positive awakening of the Kundalini is accompanies by a great festivity within the temple. Terrible pain is produced in the coccyx. Afterwards, the serpentine fire opens its way upwards, towards the head. The passing from one canyon into another is performed in accordance with the moral merits of the disciple. These canyons are the vertebrae of the spinal column; they are also called pyramids.

The negative awakening of the Kundalini is accompanied by pleasure. Naturally, the sexual force mechanically flows down. As the negative current (Ida) descends through the coccyx and down the leg, a discharge of potent sexual force is released into the earth. This release of energy is accompanied by endorphins and other pleasure chemicals at the time of “release”.

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The negative awakening of the Kunalini is natural, and as nature intended. Thus, the dark path is wide and open and comes naturally to this present humanity. Thus we can see that the intellectual mammals (erroneously called humans) have already began their devolution and return into the kingdom of beasts.

Real Vampiric Initiation begins with the realization that the Kundabuffer and the “Tail of Satan” is something that must urgently be eliminated if conscious immortality is to ever be achieved. For more information (and illustrations) on the anatomy of a vampire, visit vampire gnosis.


by W. H. Hale