The Battle Between Good and Evil – How Angels and Demons (Fallen Angels) Fight For Your Soul

Does good and evil really exist? Are angels and demons (fallen angels) real? And is there a battle – a fight – between angels and demons to influence every soul on this planet?

The answer to these questions is yes! In this article we will reveal the truth about angels and demons (fallen angels). We will reveal how demons silently inhabit the souls of most human beings on earth and how these dark beings wish to remain “undetected” within the souls of the human beings they inhabit, so they can cause the maximum amount of damage and continue to steal the light of each soul for their very own survival.

The battle between good and evil is being outplayed on earth behind the scenes. Demon spirits are seeking to silently inhabit as many souls on earth in an attempt to get them to “misqualify” their light, so they can steal it and use it to feed the dark forces and at the same time “entrap” as many souls to the “dark side” as they can.

Demons pray on souls who are emotionally, mentally and physically weak and vulnerable. If a human being has strong fear-based emotions such as anger, hate, superiority, inferiority, revenge, grief, sadness, depression, guilt, self-hate, etc, then it is a prime target for these fallen angels to gain entry into its soul. The demon spirits look for a weakened aura, splits or fractures in the very soul itself where they can reside “undetected”, and holes in the aura caused by these strong fear-based emotions where they can gain initial entry.

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The demon spirits remain undetected within the soul of a human being for long periods of time, often for many lifetimes during the soul’s reincarnation process, seeking to “chip away” at the souls’ very fabric of goodness and wholeness until it is fully entrapped and to steal as much light as possible. Because every soul has an “ego” which is negative in nature, human beings simply believe the demon spirit that is within them is an extension or out-growing of their very own ego. And because the demon spirit chooses to only “partially possess” the soul so it can remain undetected and steal as much light as possible, it is able to fool the human being into believing that it is part of its own ego.

This is also how human beings have for so long been fooled into believing that demon possession only affects a very small number of people on earth or those who dabble in the dark arts. We can tell you now that demon possession – and its associated evil – is responsible for a large number of common human conditions mentioned on the below website.

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The demons and the collective dark forces do not want you to know about this information or to share it, for it threatens their very own survival and their grip on this planet and the vast number of souls they silently inhabit. The angels and Archangels of Light are waiting patiently for you to connect with them, and to use their spiritual tools to banish these evil forces from your soul and to use their prayers to protect yourself daily. The battle between good and evil – the fight for your soul and this planet – is real and no amount of denying it or pretending it doesn’t exist will make it any less real. We encourage to read more about this subject on the below website and to study it meticulously, to quite literally “save your soul.”


Source by Glen Russell