The Best Gifts for Couriers

It is often difficult to decide what to buy a special friend or loved one. However, anybody who’s had trouble thinking of a present for a delivery driver is in luck. Any of the items suggested in this article are bound to be gratefully accepted by the individual who always seems to be out on courier jobs.

CB Radio

Anybody who is used to driving as part of a team will see the benefit in having a CB radio. This electronic device will allow for conversations about business, the weather and road conditions while on the road. It’s advisable to look for a system with good sound quality and variable output power control.

GPS System

People in courier jobs are amongst the most prevalent buyers of advanced GPS units. However, if you know a driver who is still reliant upon traditional maps then it may be worth suggesting the electronic upgrade. It’s advisable to buy from a reputable manufacturer as some of these systems provide dubious instructions.

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Mini Fridge

After a long day completing courier jobs there’s nothing more satisfying than a chilled beverage. The mini fridge may also be used to store chocolate bars and other snacks, for when the driver feels a little peckish.

Air Fresheners

Some drivers close their windows in order to shut out the horrible vehicle fumes and unpleasant countryside smells. To make their journey a little more enjoyable you could buy an aromatic air freshener. They emit a range of smells, from sweet strawberry to subtle honeysuckle, and make the perfect cheap gift.

Personal Hygiene Kit

Courier jobs can sometimes take a few days to complete. During that time it mightn’t be possible to have a shower or bath. However, the driver can keep themselves looking smart by using a complete personal hygiene kit. This gift could be accompanied by a branded perfume or aftershave set.

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Disposable Cameras

Perhaps you know a delivery driver with a keen interest in photography. Alternatively you might be friends with somebody who always speaks of the pleasant scenery that they have noticed while on courier jobs. Either way, a good quality disposable camera will make the perfect present.

Smart Diary

Drivers have a good deal of time to think when behind the wheel. They might well be happy to jot down their daily thoughts in a log book. They could have a wonderful time looking back on such notes in future years.

Personal Entertainment System

There’s something very satisfying about sitting down and watching a film or listening to some music at the end of a hard day. So why not light up the face of that special courier in your life by giving this luxury gift?


by Norman Dulwich