The Complete Linux for Ethical Hackers Course for 2019 | Video

25 Hour Practice Ethical Hacking Course:
90% Discount Code (valid through 2019): THECYBERMENTOR

0:00 – Course Introduction
6:04 – Installing VMWare Workstation Player
11:51 – Installing Kali Linux
22:16 – Exploring Kali Linux
32:08 – Navigating the File System
45:31 – Users and Privileges
56:11 – Commong Network Commands
1:04:47 – Viewing, Creating, and Editing Files
1:12:05 – Starting and Stopping Kali Services
1:20:42 – Installing and Updating Tools
1:29:22 – Scripting with Bash
1:51:05 – Additional Pentesting Resources

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  1. Hi there, by any chance will you be covering linux 2020.1 for beginners? I already started this video, but it tells me "bash: cd: root/: Permission Denied" and im not sure how to follow along. Thank you!

  2. I am being hacked its a group they are even following me it seems like i have 2 network a man impersonating a phone company, i found a guy outside called Police he took off but i got all the info but thats another story then google sent me a message saying my tablet is connected to a Linux computer i know they listen to my phone conversations landline and cell about 3 yrs ago j got a call that i had viruses they needed to get in and i let them then they said i have to pay 150.00 to fix it i told them i will use or tech from our office when i turn on the computer the wifi, ethernet and turn on broadbent and microsoft using other network what do i do any suggestings

  3. I already started learning Linux a few months ago but now I'm looking forward to learn how to use the main tools like Wireshark, Nmap, John the Reeper, …
    I feel so lucky to be subscribed to this AMAZING channel!
    Don't stop your work man! ??

  4. Hello there, I recently found your video. I tried doing as instructed but when I got to 20:41 and tried to play virtual machine, it keeps showing a small window with …

    "Error while powering on: This host supports Intel VT-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled…"

    I don't know how to fix this. So I hope you can tell me what to do. I love your video so far but I can't follow along because of this situation.

  5. Hi dear… Hope you are fine. dear i am doing pen testing a the beginners level, when ever i am getting shell/daemon least priviliged, i remains unable to escalate since i don't know more about the directory system of Linux and suid set value on files/folders. make a detailed video that lets me understand please.

  6. Congrats and Thanks for the Tutorials , I am wondering what character is that after the Hash Sign in the Bash Tutorial Section at the top, is It an Exclamation "!", One "1" or an L "l" Somehow I cannot distinguish it correctly from the Video and Awesome Video Keep Up The Good Work and ¡Gracias!- Thanks! ?

  7. I love the way you speak clearly and explicitly. Nice job bro.
    At least your video tutorial will keep me occupied for the weekend.
    Thanks once again.

  8. Big fann sir……
    Please sir make a video how to bypass window without having a user and password…
    By bootable disk…..please sir…

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