The Consistent Golf School Review

Have you been looking for great golf tips or a inexpensive golf school? Well look no more I found a great online golf school which guarantees improvement in your game or you get your money back. It focuses on your weaknesses whether its your long, short, or putting game. If you have a particular part of your golf game you want to work on check out The Consistent Golf School.

Long Game:

  • Find out, step-by-step how to form a grip that will give you the most chance of creating a consistent, powerful and repeatable golf swing. Anyone can learn to do this as it takes very little athletic ability.
  • Discover a quick test to see if the physical grips on your golf clubs are suited to you or not. Without finding this out you could forever be hitting bad shots through no fault of your own.
  • Learn how to form a repeating grip day after day which obviously can only lead to consistent ball striking.
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Short Game:

  • Discover why chipping is the easiest motion in golf next to putting and how you can make chipping as simple as putting.
  • Learn exactly what a chip shot is (most people don’t know this and it makes the short game a lot harder by not knowing it).
  • The two things you must do for every chip shot to help ensure a great chip shot.

Putting Game:

  • Find out exactly what you should do to improve your relaxation, visualization and concentration skills all at the same time, which can only help to improve your putting.
  • Find out how to form a repeating putting grip putt after putt which obviously can only lead to better and more consistent putting results.
  • Discover how to accurately aim your putter face to where you want your ball to start, which will only improve your putting results.
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So far I have been working on my short game. I already see a lot of improvements in my game. But don’t take my word for it check it yourself its risk fee since they guarantee improvements.

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