The Demonic Counsel of Cibara (The Cadaverous Planets))#34/Part V))

The Cadaverous Planets

(Before the House of Moir; #34-eposode;

Part V to Planet Cibara)) 5-31-2007))

The Demonic Counsel of Cibara

(And King Omlu’s new Kingdom)

Noge the Demon

King Omlu’s New Kingdom

Advance: it would seem it all started quite easy, too easy (if you have read the introductory episodes of The Cadaverous Planets, which gives reference to Cibara’s demonic migration). The demons appeared, it would seem out of no where, but of course that is not possible, they came from Planet Earth, and their was a lustful demon among them called Noge, although all were lustful in those days, it was just this one would change the status of the planet.


The Courtship

“I want all the demon on this planet to swear an oath to me!” demanded King Cibara, Noge the demon was of course was the first in line to do so, he never left the eyes of the queen when he gave it either, he had his intentions.

As for the rest of the demonic forces on planet Cibara, they–likewise–followed suite, in acknowledging the king’s request, and gave their oath (although, Ura’el had stressed to the king time and again, how worthless a demons word is, that it was natural for them to like, like it was natural for humans on earth to eat). I doubt the king heard a word of Ura’el; he was always too busy trying to subdue the demon to build his Great Enclosure of Cibara.

Thus, the king’s citizens rejoiced when the Enclosure was completed, and the demonic forces equally, then Noge reported to his kind, that Ura’el would not return unless the king destroyed the Enclosure.

Queen Lihterb, of Cibara for some odd reason, but 16-years of age when she married the king, fell in lust with Noge, and swore to him not to tell her husband of their affair–in fear he might destroy the Enclosure, and be rescued by Ura’el for he had his plans. Plus, there would be a child born, a hybrid, and should the king find out it was not his child, he would have it killed, therefore, he had an once of control over her.

“Be content, my king, I am with child,” the young queen told her husband, and remembering her oath to Noge, she remained silent of her promiscuousness.


The Demonic counsel

The king after hearing the good news of his wife being with child, never questioned her allegiance to him, the subject of whose child it might be was not in question, not in his mind at this time anyhow, it simply did not occur to him that she would be cohabitating on the side with a demonic being.

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By and by, the fear within the king rose as the demons took over sections of the planet, a slice at a time, little by little, hoping to eventually have the whole of the planet under their control, it was just a matter of time, or so it seemed.

The child was born, and its name was Malsi, and the father was not Cibara of course, but rather Noge, and all 150-demon hand a great laugh the night of his birth.

There was an once of hope, if not excitement among the demonic forces of complete takeover of the planet in time, thereafter, if only they could out wait Cibara, his death would mean immediate control, especially with the Malsi, whom would be next in line to be king, and he was one third supernatural, or demonic, and two-thirds flesh, or his kind.

In the following years, a great counsel came to be on the planet, called “The Demonic Counsel (of Cibara),” as it become known. And the king elected Malsi to attend it, since he seemed to get along with the followers of Noge, better than he, and so he did attend, and brought back to the king the wishes of the counsel, which were really–expectations, if not down right demands.


A Hundred Years

It was perhaps a hundred years or so when the king heard of battles to be among the demon. They didn’t want to wait for the king’s death, matter of fact, they were fighting among themselves, and thus, Malsi build an underground structure in case there was a rebellion between flesh and spirit forces in the near future.

These were times when the king was uneasy to say the least; his strength to hold onto his kingdom was dwindling.

(King Omlu/the Hybrids) It was also a time when his father King Omlu, on planet pre-Moiromma was back in the land called Rabmid, where he had met Ura’el and refused his assistance. The king had given birth to several hundred children from the barbaric women of the South, wherein, a change in the mentality of the inhabitants slowly changed, to being more alert, quick thinking, and perhaps a little on the feeling side, yet, the barbarism did not leave their blood and soul completely. New life was developing on Moiromma, while on Cibara, it seemed to sicken the atmosphere, as the demonic forces become more and more powerful, and produced more children, hybrids, flesh and spirit, and the original inhabitants slowly died off, one by one. And for the most part, the children known as the hybrids came to live in ‘The House of Noge.’

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For some odd reason, Malsi would not marry, and spoke little to the demonic forces, and likewise, to his king. His demonic father, somehow he knew, was told, and hated him, yet to survive he learned timing, and silence, he said only what he had to, and felt no secret was a secret once told, and told very little of anything, except what he had to. In essence, he did a lot of looking the other way, especially when he saw injustices; his mother being his aid and shelter.


King Omlu’s New Kingdom

The king, King Omlu, still on planet Moiromma, found himself back in the west province called, Rabmid, where he started to rebuild his kingdom, sloppy it may have looked, of tall timbers, and towers, and fences several feet tall, but it was a beginning. The Great Sea was not far off shore from his fortress of sorts, and here he lived in his wooden stronghold, with some two-hundred followers–adults and several hundred children, perhaps close to one thousand inhabitants.

Note: See Introductory Chapters to “The Cadaverous Planets” (Parts I & II Planet Cibara)) Written: 2-31-2; Lima, Peru.

Notes (Characters):

Cibara: First King of Planet Cibara (lived 800-yars)

Malsi: Son to Cibara

Niets: wife to Cibara (whom slept with a demon and bore Malsi)

King Omlu: Father to Cibara (Nomadic leader of the pre-Cibara inhabitants living on pre Moiromma (in the Northlands)

Queen Omluo: wife to King Omlu, mother to Cibara

Ura’el: Angelic being sent as a messenger to King Omlu

Rabmid (Part of Ancient Moiromma, toward s the Great Sea of the West)

Noge: Lust Demon from Earth, living on Cibara

Queen Lihterb: Cibara’s wife


by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.