The Extraordinary Miracle Berry Conspiracy

In today’s world, health conscious people and diabetics throughout the world have been on a seemingly everlasting mission to keep clear of refined sugar inside food that they take in. Sadly virtually all of today’s low calorie sweeteners can be chemical laced health hazards or simply miss the mark in regards to mimicking the taste of sugar. With a large desire for a safer, natural and chemical free alternative option to sugar, it’s a real shame there is not an organic, readily accessible sugar alternative for sweetening our foods.

Well actually, a fantastic all natural substitute does exist, although it’s become concealed from the public for many years by money grabbing sugar replacement suppliers that lobbied the govt for their private fiscal profits at the cost of the nation’s health and well-being. Dubbed “The Miracle Fruit Conspiracy,” this suppression of a purely natural ingredient that could easily relieve the shackles of diabetic issues and consequently help citizens dine healthier could go down in record among the list of boldest nutritional cover-ups of all times.

The Miracle Fruit, that sometimes goes by a number of names including Miracle Berry as well as it’s scientific label Synsepalum Dulcificum, is a particular bush which comes from West Africa. Its red colored, cranberry sized, fruit contain a natural substance named Miraculin that has the power to limit the tongues sour and bitter taste buds, altering the taste associated with sour and bitter into sweet. You heard that right; Miraculin is able to cause all sour and bitter flavored foods taste as delicious as the sweetest sugar you’ve previously tasted. The Miracle Berrie’s flavor transforming attributes are so very highly effective and strong that the Miracle Berry has been utilized as a good sugar alternative all over the globe for many years. So if this type of super fruit is truly so wonderful, why haven’t you come across it until now?

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This particular conspiracy starts up as a tale of 2 organizations. GD Searle, led by Donald Rumsfeld (yes precisely the same ex-secretary of defense Rumsfeld), became the business assigned to move aspartame through the FDA approval process as an artificial sweetener, and Maralin, headed by Robert Harvey, whose ambition was to use the Miracle Berry’s Miraculin as an organic sugar alternative.

Mr. Harvey and Marailin realized great results using Miracle Fruit as a sweetener. Their Miracle Berry enhanced foods tested very well, with people preferring goodies made with the Miracle Berry over sugar by a considerable margin. These positive effects unnerved the sugar makers along with sweetener manufacturers that for no reason desired to have their billion $ businesses upturned because of a simple organically grown ingredient.

GD Searle maintained substantial ties with the government, had enormous amounts to pay to lobbyists and was even able to insert an agreeable face as the new FDA commissioner just in time to be able to move aspartame through FDA authorization. Not only were they successful in getting their own chemically developed product accepted, but they were at the same time able to persuade the FDA to slap a “food additive” designation on Miracle Fruit the day before Marailin had been set up to launch it’s very first product run. Deemed as a food additive, Mr. Harvy and Marailin were now being expected to run many more years of considerable examination and expensive tests before the FDA could possibly authorize Miraculins use as a viable retail sugar substitution. The additional time and expense imposed from the FDA ultimately caused the demise of Marilin and therefore the Miracle Berry’s usage as an effective commercial sugar alternative. In addition to the FDA’s reclassification, Mr. Harvie’s business ended up being burgled, ransacked with his research papers robbed and demolished. In the end, it appears that Big Business eventually got it’s way and was successful in thwarting the prolific use of the Miracle Berries as a viable commercialized sweetener.

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Nowadays, dozens of years later, after more-or-less becoming wiped totally from the map, Miracle Fruit is at last being allowed back in the American market and it is only a matter of time until individuals be aware of the wool which was pulled over their eyes due to corporate and business greed. This natural plant based sweetener is poised to start a sugar supplement revolution.


by Ethan Dean