The Importance of Showing Love

Few people would deny the importance of love in one’s life. Most people have experienced love in one of its forms and would admit that it has given them more self-confidence and faith in themselves than they would have had without it. For example, a child who grows up in a family that shows love will probably feel more safe and secure than a child who feels unloved. Beginning one’s life in a loving environment helps one feel more secure for the rest of her life. No matter what the type of love you receive, you will benefit from it. Likewise, others benefit from the love you share, and therefore it is time to live in a loving way.

In order to share love with others, it might come in handy to consider the various types of love. Obviously, romantic love is the love that spouses, lovers, and committed people have for one another. Parental love, family love, friendly love, and general love for acquaintances and humanity exist to make life more pleasurable. The more love one feels, the less likely he will be a psychopath because loving entails giving something positive of oneself, like caring feelings, to benefit another person. When the recipient of love becomes aware that he or she is loved, that recipient usually feels a very pleasant feeling on many levels including physical, spiritual, and emotional levels. Receiving love impacts the recipient by calming her down and providing her with a better sense of self-worth.

One way to show love, regardless of the type of love the individual feels, is by caring unconditionally and by accepting another person as he is. This means that the one who loves listens to the expression of the feelings of the other without condemnation. Love also entails accepting another person no matter what she looks like and without any other motivations to attain money or material goods.

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Accepting others as they are and expressing concern for their well-being is at the root of love no matter what type of love it might be. People who love will not turn their backs on their friends and abandon them when life becomes difficult. The one who loves does not walk along a metaphorical path of convenience because having friends for convenience would only be self-centered. Instead, love necessitates acting kindly, soothing others, and providing positive vibrations to those one loves.

Both management and employees at work need to show love to others on the job. Maybe this idea sounds strange to some. Love for your coworkers and employees is expressed by helping them become successful at what they do. For instance, no one should put anyone else down or deliberately hurt the feelings of others at work. If a fellow-employee is failing at a task, the others should help him attain success as though they were helping their own brother or child be successful. Expressing love at work is the process of empowering others, never exploitation or harassment of any type. Perhaps, the best way to show love to your fellow employees is to respect them and to help them be the best they can be.

Family love remains equally empowering. Family members should support one another as a cohesive unit that encourages each member to act with kind values toward all of humanity. Members of families should encourage the kind actions of the other members of the same family while never blindly accepting any form of cruelty toward non-members of the group. Unfortunately, some people believe that belonging to the same family justifies giving support to family members who behave in cruel ways toward non-members, but that belief is wrong just as hurting anyone, anywhere is dishonest, going against all love. In order to show family love, the members of the same group must not only respect each other but also let that love spread into all of society.

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The most obvious form of love is romantic and marital love. Being in a positive romantic relationship benefits everything people do in all areas of life. Knowing that there is a partner with whom one can share experiences at the end of the day has great benefits, especially when beloveds do not put each other down and are willing to listen with gentle support. Romantic love certainly saves lovers from any bad experiences they might encounter while separate throughout the day because conversation with the beloved is therapeutic. Having a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife is simply a great reassurance and way to help another person.

Friends, likewise, show love to one another through mutual respect, caring, and acceptance. It is important to accept one’s friends’ dreams and goals while being kind to them at all times. If a friend is going through a challenging time, lending an open ear to listen to her challenges will make a positive change in her life because she will feel inspired by your support. One never knows when that love shown to a friend will inspire him or her to do greater things. In some respects, we should be friends to all peaceful people, lending them a hand in one way or another, by listening to them, by acknowledging them, and by helping them in reasonable ways.

Love has tremendous power to help us grow and to heal us. Everyone benefits from love, from its seeds and by watering them so the seeds of love will grow. Kind words coming from the heart and inspired by love are the true treasures of our coexistence.


by Laura Gail Sweeney