The Method, Mindset & Power of Experiential Meditation

The Experiential Meditation mindset and method are based on the fact that in order to experience the truth of a thing you have to have some distance from it. For example, you can’t read a newspaper held against your eyes. A space in needed. This method gives you that space, that distance or detachment.

Otherwise, you only see with the personal half of your mind instead of the whole mind which includes the subconscious. Consequently you won’t see the whole picture. You lose clarity, make mistakes, don’t operate to your potential — and don’t have a clue why!

This mindset causes you to experience life neutrally or objectively instead of personally. You experience life just as it. Just as it presents itself. You keep your personal bias and opinions out of the witnessing and experiential process.

Practiced during moment-to-moment daily activity, Experiential Meditation is about experiencing a thing while being aware that you’re experiencing it — at the same time. It’s like a spy watching a spy watching him. Or it’s like looking at yourself looking at yourself in the mirror! You’re as if once removed. Looking at yourself in the third person.

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You’re doing two things at once — using both parts of your mind at the same time, the conscious part and the subconscious part. It’s like daydreaming while driving. You’re conscious of both the dreaming and the driving simultaneously. The conscious mind is on an outer thing while the subconscious is on an inner thing.

This is not “creative” activity because the daydreaming — perhaps of an upcoming work vacation, is not related to the driving. This is just random thinking. It’s noisy or uncontrolled thinking of a kind that happens many times during the day and serves no useful purpose.

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In order for an action to be creative, the conscious and subconscious must be working on the same thing at the same time. They must be connected. Be literally on the same wavelength. This is exactly what happens when you’re in the “experiential meditation” mindset.

You’re not only using both minds but are connecting one to the other. You’re accessing the subconscious mind, the very source of all knowledge and creative power.

This means that whatever you’re thinking, feeling and doing — if you’re aware you’re doing it and aware that you’re aware, you do it very much better. You think better, feel better, sense better, do your work, hobbies and relationships better. “Better” meaning more insightful, intelligent and creative.


Source by William F McLaughlin