The Science Of Parapsychology Today – Career Options in Parapsychology Research

The study of parapsychology was created in the year of 1889 by Max Dessoir. Today, parapsychology is a multi-faceted investigation of human psychic abilities as well as their origins, near-death experiences, life after death, and much more that has always interested people for its mystical, weird, supernatural or paranormal character. The first term of parapsychology was known as psychical research which is now considered to be the original name for parapsychology. In fact, the first try to set up an organization of scientists and scholars who examine and thoroughly study paranormal phenomena was made seven years earlier in London in the year of 1882. This try finished with the foundation of the Society for Psychical Research. In reality, the Spiritualist movement began in central New York, in March 1848. It took place in the Fox household. The people had heard some loud blows and knocks in this house for years. When the Fox family started to live in the house, the disturbances had grown with even more strength. There was a version that the Fox sisters possessed an ability to control this noise and to talk to the spirits causing it. They made seances to contact and communicate with the spirits. This story was made very popular and attracted much public interest. Difficult and time-consuming work has been done by both American and Britain scientists for more than one hundred already. But what is the result of it. Probably, one of the things that might prove the existence of psychic phenomena is a well-known ability to move objects or to get to know information at a distance. However, it wasn’t studied well enough and remains on the same level as it was in the year of 1882.

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The study of parapsychology in its broad sense is a branch of psychology studying psychic and/or otherwise supernatural phenomena which are perceived by the human mind. The greater part of scientists working in this field does not acknowledge parapsychology research to be an independent serious branch of science. Nevertheless, parapsychology remains a widely spread branch of study. In order to master the science of parapsychology an individual is required to obtain specific knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, there are no accredited degrees in the field of parapsychology in the greater part of contemporary universities; nevertheless, there are universities which offer parapsychological courses which were specifically created for the hopeful parapsychologists for them to concentrate on while studying for some related degree.

Well, in order to make a successful career in parapsychology research, an individual is required to obtain a master’s degree in the field of psychology at first. Many classes a person will have to attend while studying for a master’s degree give information on such important topics as the paranormal, extrasensory perception (ESP), life after death experiences as well as reincarnation. It would be perfect to obtain one more degree, for instance, in general psychology. This degree will be of great help for a student while the latter is looking for opportunities of application the abilities and knowledge in parapsychology research. It has to be emphasized that nowadays a great number of professors teach parapsychology which is highly popular among young people today and remains to be a really proliferous educational and professional option.

It has to be said that there is a great variety of career options which are available in the field of parapsychology. Those job opportunities do not involve psychic hot lines or learning ways of application a proton pack. In fact, Parapsychology research is a research-based subject which uses similar solid scientific methods as other related sciences. In order to become a true specialist in the field of Parapsychology research laboratories are highly required for accomplishing which needs to be conducted in a controlled atmosphere and surrounding. Parapsychology researchers are usually employed on job positions in psychology departments which give them an excellent opportunity to reach and access necessary issues. Once more specially designed laboratories are required for this task. As for the salaries of parapsychology researchers it has to be said that workers involved in parapsychology research do not earn much money. However, people working in the field of parapsychology receive much pleasure, new interesting information from human life. Still, inner satisfaction is much more valuable than money obtained for the work which is more like a burden than pleasure.

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Finally, funding for research is generally suggested via grants through institutions, in which the greater number of psychologists as well as researchers are employed. The most fundamental job positions in the field of parapsychology research require from graduates a Master’s level degree obtained after a strong bachelor’s degree. By the way, Engineering and physics are major subjects and degrees which a promising parapsychologist has an opportunity to obtain. As a matter of fact, an individual who has received the necessary amount of knowledge in the mentioned sciences and who has mastered the basic tools needed to assess different notions involved in parapsychology research, may be rightfully called a “paraphysicist” as well as “parapsychologist.”


Source by Gregor Nau