The Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers

Numerology has been commonly used and discussed dating back from the time of Pythagoras [pi-ta-go-ras], who as we all recognize was a prominent mathematician, mystic and researcher throughout history. While numerology is currently considered as pseudo-mathematics, it cannot be denied that its verdicts are a straight result of scientific study. Spiritual qualities have been associated with numbers for a very long time and has actually been interpreted in a different way by numerous societies, that it has come to be unwieldy to utilize the spiritual definition of numbers into useful applications. However if you are bent on making use of spiritual numerology to enhance your success and also pave the way to a purposeful life, it is important to note that the representations of various numbers isn’t something to be ignored.

However, we are not going to deconstruct the significance of each number considering that overlapping of significance in between values as this can only create confusion. A brief and also straight enumeration of spiritual values that are quickly distinguishable from each other is a much better method to establish a concrete concept of what the numbers stand for. Below is a short guide to each of the numbers and their values credited to them:

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ONE: Strong Will, Aggression, Positivity
TWO: Duality, Harmony, Balance
THREE: Magic, Talent, Intuition
FOUR: Stability, Groundedness, Solidity
FIVE: Travel. Expansion, Journey
SIX: Sincerity, Love, Truth
SEVEN: Mystery, Magic, Knowledge
EIGHT: Success, Strength, Opportunity
NINE: Universal Influence, Accomplishment

Now that you are aware of what each of the numbers stand for, it is necessary to recognize that each attribute can have as many significance to every person. The outcome, favorable or negative, depends on the viewpoint of each individual and the setting that he responds to. Elements such as cultural upbringing and unique personality traits affect our perceptions and actions in response to these spiritual values.

Although numerology is an incomplete science, as we just pointed out, it doesn’t imply that you can not take advantage of its usage. In a world where everything is in continuous motion, numbers remain constant. They can be quantified, and are the foundations of whatever that is quantifiable, while every little thing else are just vibrations. Utilizing numerology to your benefit is entering sync with these resonances, and utilizing them to the betterment of our lives.

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It offers us more viewpoint in how we see ourselves in regard to every little thing around us given that numerology makes us mindful that there are concealed forces that govern the universe’s stability. And we notice perfect order in protons, electrons, neutrons, and the DNA since there is always a code – a constant value that allows them stability starting from the sub-atomic level. Nature in itself is dependent on numbers. Speed, time, height, weight, gravity and other dimensions are what made life possible. They are all quantifiable by numbers.

In our eyes, the world is in constant turmoil, or it seems. It holds true that all is in constant change. However if you ever feel baffled and frustrated concerning your spirituality as well as need a compass to decide your actions, what are things that you can trust? You presumed it right. It’s numbers!