The Story of Revata, The First Time Travel Story In The History Of Mankind!

Who has written the first Time Travel Story? Any modern Sci-Fi – Scientific Fiction – writer? No.

It is the great sage Veda Vyasa who has written 18 great Hindu Epics had written the first Time Travel Story.

Vyasa has been glorified as the great one who has Giant Brain. There is nothing in the world which he has not touched; enumerated! In Devi Bhagavatham, we come across the story of Revata.

The great king by name Ravata was the ruler of Kusasthali. He was the son of King Anartta and grandson of emperor Saryati. He had hundred sons and one daughter by name Revathi.

When the time for Revathi’s marriage came, he was not able to find out a suitable bridegroom for his daughter. So he thought of meeting the creator Brahma who created Revathi. Revathi also accompanied his father to the Brahmaloka, the world of Brahama.

When they enter into Brahams’s place there was some Yaga going on. Revata respectfully worshipped Brahma. On seeing him, Brahma just signed to wait. The Yaga was completed and Brahma asked Revata about the purpose of his visit.

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Revata explained that he had come to take his advice in finding out a suitable bridegroom.

Braham told him, “Oh! The time in Brahma Loka and the time in the earth are different. Even though you think that you have waited here for a few minutes, thousands of years have been passed in the earth. See the persons there in the earth. They are all comparatively very much shorter because one Yuga has been completed, whereas beautiful Revathi is very much taller than the earthly men. But don’t worry. You may choose Balabadrarama as your son-in-law. the needful. ”

On hearing this Revata was very happy and he came back to earth along with Revathi and met Balabadrarama. Balabadrarama took his spade and with that he pressed Revathi’s head. Immediately Revathi was shortened and attained a suitable normal height as that of other earthly women.The marriage was successfully performed.

Thus Veda Vyasa very beautifully narrates the time dilation theory, that is, the difference in time when you travel in the space to a greater distance.

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Now let us compare this with the data provided in “Meyers Handbook on Space ‘.

Meyers table gives you extents of Time dilation between the spaceship rocket crew hon an intersteller flight and the inhabitants at the rocket launching station in the earth.

Following table gives the years for Rocket Crew and equivalent years of launch station inhabitants, in this case, humanbeings in our earth.

Years of Rocket Crew Years of Launch Site at Earth

1 1

2 2.1

5 6.5

10 24

20 270

30 3100

40 36000

50 4,20,000

4,20,000 years is approximately equivalent to one Kali Yuga’s duration. This is what Brahma told Revata that one Yuga has been passed.

With a fantastic story Vyasa has narrated the Time Dilation theory in a beautiful manner.

Great scientific theories are all hidden in Hindu Puranas. With the advancement of science we come to know the facts hidden in the epics and become dumbfounded.

Source by Santhanam Nagarajan