The Vital Things Every Girl Observes In A Guy

Let us have a look at some of the basic things a girl will look for in a guy whenever they see him. They are as follows:

  1. Whether the guy is hot: The very first thing that every girl actually notices in a guy is how much hot the guy is. When you ask any girl, they can never ever deny this fact.
  2. The way of his dressing: Without any doubt, this is the next thing that each and every girl will definitely notice. They will observe you and will be eager to understand the way of your dressing.
  3. Manners: This is one of the things that every girl notices in a guy. She observes the manners that the guy possesses. Sober and nice manners will obviously attract more and more girls towards a guy.
  4. Grooming: Well, the most interesting fact is that women are generally more attracted to a well groomed guy rather than a shabby guy. And this is one of the things that every woman notices in a guy she comes across.
  5. Confidence: It is the confidence level in a guy that strongly attracts a woman just like a magnet does. One of the most attractive characteristics of a man is his confidence level.
  6. His company: This is another thing that a girl will observe when she sees a man. If he is with a girl, they will think he is taken and if he is with a group he is really social.
  7. His arm muscle: Well, this thing is the most common thing that every girl will watch out for. They generally see the arms of the guy they want to observes, whether they are big enough and he is muscular or he is lean and lanky or extremely obese.
  8. Personal hygiene: Hygiene is the most important fact that actually is a major factor that every girl will watch out for.
  9. Footwear: The girls generally also observe the type of footwear the guy wears. After all, your shoe will say a lot. A shabby footwear will definitely have a very bad impression on the ladies.
  10. How good a listener: Every girl actually notices how good a listener her guy is. All girls actually want their men to listen to them properly and not just hear what they say.
  11. Frequency of smile: Girls generally also look out to observe how often the guy smiles. Smile is a good indication of the personality of the guy.
  12. Flat stomach: Girls generally love those 6 packs or 8 packs and generally observe whether a guy has a flat tummy.
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by Anirban Ghosh