Top 3 Certifications for Landing an Ethical Hacking Job {VIDEO}

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In this video, we talk the top 3 certifications to land a job as an ethical hacker.

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  1. i am a super noob idk anything abaut pen testing or hacking but i want to learn where do i start what are the basic things i must learn, is it a career or is it a corse, somebody knows? the only thing i really know its abaut digital marketing, but being a hacker i feel it calls me lmao, so please if you guys can guide me on this journey i would be much appretiated

  2. I would think any cert. is good to have. If two people applying for the same job, and all things being equal except for the fact one has a cert and the other one doesn't, The one with the cert would get the job.

  3. Your videos are so helpful! I just finished a Computer Science AS and should be done with my BS in a year. I will be taking Security+ this summer(not working in the industry yet). I started out just having fun writing code and slowly realized I wanted to pursue Pentesting. I've been looking for the cert that would really help me land a career as a Pentester and your videos are answering a lot of questions for me. Anyway, I will continue my binge watching of your channel. Thanks again.

  4. So would you suggest, perhaps, going for the eLearning PTP and then looking at the OSCP? If the PTP's exam is easier but the courses teaches a lot of modern techniques, perhaps doing that first and then doing the OSCP is the answer?

  5. You got some awesome videos, but I think I've done gave up and quit trying. Guess I'll go work at Walmart or some shit. Thanks for the videos bro….

  6. What about CISSP? I was talking to the folks at Arctic Wolf Networks (SOC-as-a-Service) where a lot of their engineers have their CISSP. I don't really hear a lot about this cert from anyone else though. Thoughts?

  7. Interested in your opinion of someone starting out to build a solid foundation for security/pentesting either getting a formal uni degree in IT or purely getting Certifications eg CompTIA A+, Network +(or CCNA?), Security + plus some programming Cert in python etc?
    Some say some employers won’t even give you an interview without a degree, some say other employers won’t give you an interview if you just have a degree
    So the question is, if you already have full time low wage job which you need to live on while having family/rent/a dog etc etc…is it worth you studying part time at uni with the hassle of getting there through traffic and rigid attendance schedule? Or do you just spend as much time as possible studying to pass recognized certifications as mentioned above to get a solid base knowledge BEFORE even looking at hacking certifications, since how does someone test for vulnerabilities in a system if they can’t even build it?
    This article was interesting but would like your views on it? Thanks if you get a chance ??

  8. For interview does a computer degree help land a pen testing job? I’m currently halfway through my bachelors and just got my CompTIA Sec+ and plan on getting the CCNP Security next.

  9. Looking at cost I'm going for the OSCP first then the eLearnSecurity. However, have you heard of Hack the Box, pentesteracademy, and pentesterlab? I found your Udemy course so I may get it too. I'm trying to get as much practical experience in before I even attempt the certs. I do appreciate that eLearnSecurity has a free trial for seven days on every one of their courses and you can make payments as well. I just hope they have sales but I haven't seen anything. With what I make $1,299 is pretty steep but the ROI beats a four year college degree. With my background I'd probably aim for the Elite so that my voucher doesn't expire. I have my Security + certification so I'm looking for a better job and in security no less.

  10. Hey Cyber Mentor. I enrolled in your Udemy course and was wondering if I'll have enough knowledge to start OSCP once I'm done with it. I hear so many horror stories about people not being prepared enough when starting. Thanks!

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