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Python tutorials for Beginners. This channel will teach you python. There’s python for beginners, python for data science and python for machine learning. I have tutorials on a wide range of python and data science related subjects and the content is growing daily. If you would like to learn python, data science, machine learning including the python libraries numpy, pandas and scikit learn (sklearn) then subscribe to this channel.

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  1. Hello. your reviews are great and it has really helped me to find right book for learning python. However, I had a small request. Can you review some books on learning R?

  2. just stumbled upon your channel, thank you for doing what you do– spreading knowledge back into the world. much love!

  3. I am looking for some basic example using pandas and Numpy that starts with a csv containing a table and covers as many operations/manipulations and analysis as possible. For example: read/print one/n row/column. 2. Extract a subset of the table. Add/delete row/column 4. Delete/replace rows/columns/cells based on a criteria (null/zero/others) 5. Int/float conversions 6. Date/time formatting 7. Basic stat operations in rows/columns: mean, mode, SD 8. Part 7 on a subset of the table 9. Reorganizing rows/columns 10. Filtering rows/columns 11. Transposing the entire table or subset of the array 12. Some regex examples to do find and replace 13. Issues when column names have spaces or quotes or special characters 14. Reversing the order of data in a row/column 15. Any other interesting manipulations I believe working on one table with a couple of rows and columns could change my life and bring me more confidence to keep going as I will be at ease with all basic operations!!

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