Top Signs of Infidelity – You Have No Idea What Your Spouse Is Doing Behind Your Back

With the rate of infidelity on the rise, it seems that literally anyone’s marriage is at risk of an affair.

Did you know that recent estimates state that as many as 45% of marriages will face the trauma of an affair at some point during the relationship?

Let me ask you this: Has your spouse ever cheated on a past girlfriend/boyfriend? If so, they may be as much as 5x as likely to cheat on you!

It seems that more and more these days people are just ‘born cheaters’. How sad.

The Top Signs of Infidelity

As you continue reading this article you’re going to be learning how you can tell for sure if you’re one of the 45% of Americans to face infidelity. I sincerely hope your not, but if you are I’m going to help you find out.

#1. They Spend More Time Looking In the Mirror Than At You

Think back to your first couple of dates with your spouse…I’m guessing that you spent quite a long time preparing for each and every date together, or at least longer than you do now.

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Well, first dates stay the same, and if your spouse is seeing someone else behind your back, then you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to be spending a LOT more time making sure they look as fine and foxy as humanly possible.

It’s important to note that seeing your spouse spending more time in front of the mirror doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve actually cheated yet…It could just mean that they’re in the beginning stages of an affair.

#2. The Legitimate Excuse to Work More

Guess what?

Everyone and their mother knows that affairs happen at work. The first thing someone tells you when you ask them how to tell if your spouse is cheating is: “Well are they working late?”

So what is your spouse going to do?

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They’re going to come up with an excuse that’s actually legitimate and that will convince you fully that they’re NOT cheating.

The thing of it is that old cliche is actually more accurate than you may think. If your spouse is cheating on you, then chances are that their workplace will play a part in the affair.

#3. You Start to Notice that You’re Being ‘Tuned Out’ More Often

You know that look that gets into your spouse’s eye every time they fade out of a conversation? You know the look…Their eyes just glaze over and their responses become automatic. You start hearing phrases like these:

  • “Oh, that’s great honey”
  • “Wow, how weird…”
  • “That’s so crazy”

If that sounds familiar, and you notice that more and more frequently you’re being tuned out of your spouse’s head, then it could mean they’re thinking about someone else!


by Jack R. McLaddel