Tour Cobalt Q Inline Hockey Skates Review

The Tour Cobalt Q Inline Hockey Skates offer top-level performance for serious hockey players. There are a few reasons why this skate stands out from the competition. Tour built these skates using the Labeda Hum’er II frames. Made from aluminum, these lightweight frames offer a single axle design (no more lost screws!) and are currently the only frame able to hold four 80mm wheels. Tour’s DPS technology allows the front two wheels to sit inside a cavity at the front of the boot causing the skater to have a lower center of gravity with increased speed and improved turning and stopping ability. The boot includes Tour’s Pro-level Coratec™ quarter panels reinforced with Ultra-lite Pro stiffener. In other words, a puck to the foot will feel like a minor bump. To top it all off, Labeda has thrown their Dynasty II 80mm wheels on this already sick skate! These are top rated wheels used by the highest caliber players due to their incredible grip and stopping qualities.

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The Tour Cobalt Q Inline Hockey Skate does have its problems. While Tour had the right idea: protection, they fell short when placing this idea into the skate’s design. The tongue of the skate offers a protective foam piece which actually digs into the player’s shin. This remains uncomfortable until the skates are worn in. The reinforced ankle protection provides a similar discomfort; be prepared to have blisters for the first few skating sessions. The Titanium ABEC 9 688 Micro bearings do offer a lighter weight than the regular 608 bearings; however, the 688’s aren’t as durable. Expect to be changing these bearings after a couple months (Tour does include a free set of bearings with the skate).

Overall the Tour Cobalt Q Roller Hockey skates offer great protection, they are lightweight, fast, and offer features that go above and beyond its competitors. Tour has lowered their pricing on these skates making them more affordable so you can stay on top of your game.

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Reading reviews on different skates is always a good idea before making an online purchase for hockey equipment. Reviews help make purchasing easier by answering questions about a product that you may have otherwise asked if you were looking at the skate in person. For the sake of avoiding disgruntled purchases and wasted time, it is important to know what you are buying before you decide on any hockey skate!

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by Paul A Buchanan