Training Your Subconscious Mind

We’ve all heard of incantations in the realm of magic (spelled Magick these days to distinguish it from stage magic) but don’t know the true power of incantations.

What is an incantation? An incantation is created by the magic practitioner to bring about some desired results either of good, neutral or evil intent. To the believer these are powerful spells that work; to the unbeliever they are words of pure nonsense.

Incantations do have power. Words have power; the words we speak to ourselves and others have an impact on the mind. These words will cause thought patterns to form in the mind and trigger the subconscious to work in previous programmed ways.

By creating incantations that contain words of power (words that mean something to you) and combining them with a powerful voice and tone they will have great influence on you when spoken.

Incantations are used by many people today but are referred to as “pep-talks”, motivational speeches, or prayer. When these incantations are heard they cause your mind to react in a certain way, causing the brain to command the body to respond in certain ways as well.

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Speak in a loud excited voice with powerful words that mean something to you and you will actually feel a chill run through your body, the hairs stand up on your neck and arms, your heart beat faster and the body charged with excitement and power.

Creating and repeating incantations on a daily basis can and will have powerful effects on you and others. Repeat a negative incantation to someone every day and they will begin to believe it unless they counter your incantation with one of their own. Example is telling someone they are stupid and worthless will, over a period of time, have powerful negative effects on someone.

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Silent incantations work as well, continuing repetition of a silent incantation (internal self-talk) can create very positive or negative results and programs in the subconscious mind.

Some people turn incantations into rituals and spells, using candles, alters, talismans, potions and other props. All these are tools to reinforce the focus of the mind and belief of what the practitioner is doing. Are they necessary? No. Only the power of the mind is needed, all the rest are tools to develop and maintain focus.

Try creating your own incantations that you can repeat daily to yourself. Repeat it every morning and evening, especially before bed as it will reach your subconscious mind as you lay relaxed and drift off to sleep.

Believe or do not, whichever you decide will be the truth. After all YOUR beliefs form your reality and potential.


by James Darren Davis