Treating Depression And Battling The Demons Depression Can Bring

Oh what a tough condition depression is to tackle.

It can be very hard to treat depression because there are so many variables.

First of all you must recognize that there is even an issue to address and then you must be willing to get professional help to help treat the condition.

Then not only must you recognize the problem, and seek treatment but you must be willing to stick with the treatment for the long term. Treating depression is not a quick solution.

One of the ways in which you may treat depression is with an antidepressant medication. This group of medications works on the neurotransmitters, known as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, which have an affect on your feelings of happiness, well being and overall emotion.

Another treatment for depression typically used in conjunction with medication is counseling.

This method is aimed at getting to the root of the cause of depression so that it too can be dealt with in hopes of a long term solution to depression.

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The challenge of treating depression with counseling is that many times you may decide that medications are enough for you and that talking with a complete stranger about what is bothering you is simply just out of the question.

Easy to understand but those who deal with treating depression with both medication and counseling are thought to have a higher success rate.

Counseling can help to give you alternatives for managing your feelings and suggestions for managing stressful situations.

Finally depression that is not being well controlled with outpatient methods may require hospitalization. This typically occurs in the most serious circumstances, and generally happens after there have been warning signs that you are deteriorating and that you might make a choice to harm yourself or those around you.

Hospitalization to deal with depression may also happen when you are suffering with drug or alcohol induced psychosis that is impeding logical thinking.

The good news is that when you seek treatment for depression and you stick with the program most people will experience a high success rate with the treatment of depression. The outcome of a good treatment plan for attacking depression results in a healthier and happier life.

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Success at the treatment of depression depends on the overall involvement you have in your care.

Most often you will find that medication alone will not successfully and completely treat depression, but rather a combination of medications and counseling in which you are an active participant can have a better success rate at treating depression in the long run.

Sticking with the plan even when you begin to fill better is also very important since stopping counseling or your medication as soon as you being to feel better is a mistake and can cause a more serious relapse.

Overall, when you choose to actively participate, then successfully treating depression can be achieved. Antidepressants are often for short term use only while a longer run of counseling can help to really address the root of the depressive episode.


Source by Jeff Foster