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In this UiPath tutorials video you will learn what is rpa, various rpa tools, installation of uipath community edition, UiPath training on variables & arguments, ui automation activities with detailed hands on project.
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?Following topics are covered in this UiPath tutorial for beginners video:
What is Robotic Process Automation? 00:55
RPA vs Traditional Automation 01:47
Example of how RPA Works 05:16
Use Cases of RPA 06:55
Benefits of RPA 08:10
Tools in RPA 10:43
Future of RPA 13:44
What is Community Edition? 17:18
Features of Community Edition 18:19
What is Enterprise Edition? 21:08
Features of Enterprise Edition 21:37
Installation of UiPath 24:33
Overview of Uipath Studio 33:04
What is UiPath? 34:44
Features and Advantages of UiPath 37:23
Products of UiPath 44:54
Types of Projects in UiPath 51:16
UiPath Studio Components 01:10:39
Variables and Arguments 01:21:03
Imports panel 01:35:53
Ui Automation Activities 01:40:24

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Why should you watch this Robotic Process Automation video?

Robotic Process Automation is being heralded as one of the booming industries in today’s digitally-driven economy. Every industry including banking, finance, Information Technology can immensely benefit from the RPA industry. We are offering the top RPA tutorial that can be watched by anybody to learn RPA. Our What is Robotic Process Automation video has been created with extensive inputs from the industry so that you can learn RPA easily.

Who should watch this Robotic Process Automation training video?

If you want to learn RPA to master Robotic Process Automation and work on different tools in RPA, deploy the UiPath tool and work on UiPath Studio, then this Intellipaat explanation on RPA is for you. This Intellipaat RPA tutorial is your first step to learn RPA. Since this RPA video can be taken by anybody, so if you are a Software engineers, software testing & IT professionals can take this online RPA training. If you want to make the best of the boom in RPA market then this RPA tutorial is for you.

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Why should you opt for a RPA career?

Learning RPA will help you master all the skills needed in order to work on Robotic Process Automation using UiPath in the organization. You will grab the best jobs in top MNCs after finishing Intellipaat rpa online training. The entire Intellipaat’s RPA course is in line with the industry needs.There is a huge demand for RPA certified professional. The salaries for RPA professional are very good.

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  3. Dear sir, Thanks for the beautiful video lecture. Can you please suggest which RPA Tool ( among UiPath , BP and AA) is best for the market demand now in 2020 ?

    TIA.. 🙂

  4. Extremely useful tutorial for a beginner in uiPath . Clear and precise way of explaining. Would highly recommend. Thanks Intellipaat. Please upload in-depth videos on uiPath topics not covered here Eg. Activities, Robotic Enterprise Framework and more sample RPA projects. Waiting to learn more about this tool 🙂

  5. IntelliPaat absolutely rocks! I have learned sooo much from these guys over the last few months! They also inspired me to to share some of the knowledge I have as a professional programmer by starting my own channel. If anyone wants to offer some feedback on my first few videos It would be great…just click on my name. But keep supporting IntelliPaat because it’s an amazing resource! Thanks IntelliPaat!

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