Understanding Where Anger Originates and the Triggers

Everyone gets angry because it is a human emotion that is set off by triggers. We are channeled into worldly expectations and led to feel that what happens to us can be avoided. Therefore, many blame themselves when things go wrong or don’t work out in accordance with their thoughts. They also blame others for what happens to them and how and why they have been badly done by.

The question then becomes why? Why did something happen and how can it be avoided in the future. That leads to a learning curve that explores possible ways to avoid the same scenario in the future.

Anger, however, is triggered by many things, most of which is beyond our understanding or ability to change anything. We don’t come to anger by desire but by circumstance and that leads to another scenario. Who or what is behind it? Where does it originate?

To understand that we should look at the big picture not just our own situation. For that exercise, we must take into account the entire world. Everyone has heard that no one is an island. That is because the world is like a huge pond into which a stone falls that sends waves and disturbances to other parts of it.

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When someone dies, for example, many others are caught in the fall-out. When tragedies happen it affects a lot more, and when terrorists strike still more become affected. To explain this we should look at some examples.

The thing that caught the world by surprise was the terrorists strike against the United States when 9/11 occurred. The effect was felt everywhere. Some were angry while others were pleased. Some were devastated while others were unaffected. The fall-out, however, led to wars and a shake-up of security by governments everywhere.

The anger felt from the fall-out still resonates and thousands have since died. The snow-ball reaction on people, governments, and politics is at work and noticeable. Even the economy has taken a hit. These things, however, are above the individual’s day to day welfare.

A person can be angry at the loss of something, at words spoken to them, or at the behaviour of others, such as a noisy and uncaring neighbour, among other things. That begs the question of why they get angry instead of calming down and accepting it or working towards a better solution.

As a spiritual person and one why is connected to the Spirit of the Universe my approach is to ask why something is happening and then to figure out the reason without reacting. With the memory of my reincarnation and knowledge that the Spirit is in control of all things and it is not up to me to be upset when things don’t go the way they should, according to my view.

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Without that knowledge, it would be impossible to control one’s anger when something strikes me. That is why many will use anger to overcome their hatred of what is happening to them. That means they can rage on and become a threat to others or hide their feelings by imbibing in alcohol or drugs. This brings more effect to impact on the whole society.

In my experience anger is a prime motivator to cause us to act in certain ways. We are all in the hands of the Great Creator and are being guided to bring about the things written in prophecy for this time. We have all reincarnated but not everyone has the link to the Spirit to be able to overcome the things that happen to create anger. Those who have it are less likely to engage in the emotion and, therefore, have more control by handing it over to God.


by Norma Holt